Lockdown Demonstrators Clash With Healthcare Workers as Protests Flare Across the Country

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Denver, colorado, protests
Credit: Reuters

Demonstrators in Denver, CO protesting against state-mandated stay-at-home orders were met by defiant health workers yesterday, as a series of protests flared up across the country. The protests came after a series of Tweets by President Trump declaring that various states could be liberated from stay-at-home orders.

Donald Trump, twitter
A series of Tweets from the President. Credit: Twitter

Healthcare workers dressed in scrubs and masks defiantly blocked the cars of demonstrators who flocked to the state Capitol to urge Governor Jared Polis to lift the coronavirus-induced stay-at-home orders, in the country’s biggest protest of the day.

Denver, colorado, protests
Credit: Reuters

Stay at home measures introduced to counter the spread of the coronavirus have massively impacted the economy with unemployment at record levels, more than 22-million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past month, and many people are eager to get back to work.

Protests to bring an end to lockdown were also seen in Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, Washington, and Virginia. The President praised the protestors in a news briefing.

“I’ve seen the people. I’ve seen interviews of the people. These are great people. They’ve got cabin fever. They want their lives back. These people love our country. They want to get back to work.”

Denver, colorado, protests
Credit: Reuters

Many of the public came out in support of the health workers, one person writing on Twitter:

“Colorado health care workers, who have been putting their lives on the line to save others, stand in the street in counter-protest. The selfishness and ignorance of today’s protest is peak privilege. #ThisIsAmerica”

There have been 761,964 confirmed coronavirus cases in the USA, with 35,314 deaths.

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  1. What good is it to stand in the street and stare down people who are doing nothing wrong? Back to work

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