Lone Traveler from China Was Last Seen Nearly 2-Weeks Ago Scanning His Lift Pass at Vail, CO

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man missing, vail, colorado
It is not yet known if Yunlong Chen ever got off Vail Mountain, CO. Credit: Vail Daily

The last known activity of Yunlong Chen was his ski pass being scanned at Vail, CO for a few chair rides the morning of Feb. 28, 2019, and he hasn’t been seen since, reports Vail Daily.

Chen, 55 from China, was traveling alone on a ski vacation. He was scheduled to fly to British Columbia for a few days after Vail, before returning to China. Police said he didn’t make it to British Columbia. His family in China reported him missing when he did not arrive back home.

Chen was spotted at the Vail Transportation Center between 8:15 and 9 am on Feb. 28, before scanning his pass at Gondola One. He was carrying luggage with him, which he dropped off somewhere before heading up to Mountain Plaza.

“He scanned a few (lifts) at Vail,” Eagle County Sheriff’s Detective Aaron Veldheer said.

His movements after that are still unknown, and it is not even known if he got off the mountain that day. 

In the photos taken of him that morning, Chen was wearing bright orange ski pants and a bright blue jacket.

If anyone has any information about Chen or his whereabouts, please call the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 328-8500 or the Vail Public Safety Communications Center to speak with the Investigations team at (970) 479-2201.

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2 thoughts on “Lone Traveler from China Was Last Seen Nearly 2-Weeks Ago Scanning His Lift Pass at Vail, CO

  1. What time was the missing man recorded on video in the Vail Transportation Center? Did he sell or give-away his lift-ticket or lift-pass? Who confirmed his identity since the blue jacket fails to match the plaid Jacket.Was he skiing or boarding????
    His lift-ticket was scanned on the mountain ….what was the number of the final ski-lift that recorded his lift-ticket/pass?? What were the time durations between lift rides. Did those times match previous days???
    Where was he final lodging location?…..

    What town was the missing man’s permanent residence??
    With a massive online community.

    This information might help since old fashioned methods have failed….

    1. -8:15-9am
      -You’re not allowed to resell or give away your lift ticket
      -The blue jacket/orange pants we’re what they saw when his ticket was scanned
      -I’m sure they know the last lift he took up, not like that’s going to help any of us not involved with the investigation
      -Time duration between lift rides is useless information when comparing it to other days
      -If he was staying at Vail, I’m sure they have all the records they need of where he was supposed to be
      -His town of permanent residence is in China…

      Did you not read the article at all, or what?

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