Long-Lost Vermont Ski Area Up For Auction

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Snow Valley in the 1970’s. Credit NewEnglandSkiHistory.com

One of Southwest Vermont’s long-lost ski resorts, Snow Valley, is up for auction this September. Snow Valley first opened its doors in 1942 as part of America’s first generation of ski areas. Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions, a luxury property auction marketplace, is taking appointments to view the 390-acre property that was once a premier ski resort in the Northeast. Vermont skiers flocked to Snow Valley on and off until its closure in 1984, and long-time residents of the area remember Snow Valley as having some of the best snow in the region. Boasting a north-facing aspect, and topography that “funnels” the best East Coast powder into its canyons, Snow Valley earned its rank among the great early ski areas of the Northeast.

1940-era skiers. Credit NewEnglandSkiHistory.com

When the area opened in 1942, it was serviced by just a rope tow, but the modern and luxurious $12,000 ski lodge ‘Snow Man’s Rest’ really put Snow Valley on the map. Ownership passed through several hands, added several new trails and ski lifts over the years, and even hosted the National Snowboarding Championships in 1984. Though many tried to keep the area afloat, Snow Valley ultimately could not compete with warm weather and larger ski areas being built in Stratton and Bromley.

Known as the most modern ski lodge of its time, Snow Man’s Rest in the 1950’s. Credit NewEnglandSkiHistory.Com

Most recently, Snow Valley’s private owner attempted to revitalize the area by adding luxury cabins and forming a hybrid ski/equine experience. Funds fell short and the area joined the ranks of other lost New England ski areas that have fallen into disrepair but continue to capture the nostalgia and affection of local ski history buffs. Today, Snow Valley has some remnants of old lift mechanics and buildings that suggest its bustling past, but its once great runs have largely succumbed to nature.

Vintage 1940’s trail map of Snow Valley. Credit New England Lost Ski Area Project

With the right ownership, a little bit of grooming, and a lot of passion- Snow Valley could be resurrected as a small-but-mighty ski area. Advocates of restoring the area would love to see more public recreation land and speak of the multitude of benefits that come from a local, inexpensive ski area opening doors for those with less access to the sport. There has been some talk of locals wanting to band together to buy the property, and others that would like to repurpose the land for private residence- but one thing they can all agree on is that ski history runs deep at Snow Valley making it one of the more special properties on the auction block this year.

Snow Valley in Fall. Credit Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions

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