Is This the Tesla of Sleds?

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Shot of Sleds
Along with any vehicle, the sled or snowmobile has differences between brands. Photo courtesy of Car and Driver.

With a sled, you gain access to the backcountry. Indeed the prime vehicle for skiers to enter untracked terrain. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a fair share of avalanche incidents involving snowmobiles. Such as one recently that can be viewed here. Subsequently, snowmobilers being buried, with multiple others dying. Meaning it’s serious out there for us backcountry travelers. Absolutely important to ensure you’ve taken a recreational avalanche course. It should be noted that providers can be seen here for your area. Interested in sleds? Let’s take a look at what’s out there because variability between each brand and terrain options makes it a personal choice. Each individual should consider their possible needs, budget, function, and expected amount of use.

Touring or 2 Person Sled

As you would expect, the touring sled is meant for long open rides. Coming in a bit heavier but with a better riding setup. Including improved suspension and riding amenities to keep you happy on a long ride.

Crossover or Mountain

The crossover sled might provide that sweet spot for skiers. Built with the trail riders in mind. Plus the performance of off-road models. This type slides right into a sweet spot if you can afford it.

Trail Models

So these tend to come with a lot of the benefits of the performance. On top of a lighter load allowing it to float a little easier. Be aware that differences from brand-to-brand and sled-to-sled are greatest in this category.

chill trail snowmobile
Sometimes the terrain will be easy to traverse and doesn’t requires lots of extras. Photo courtesy of Keystone Resort.

Electric Sled

You may be able to do the electric slide on your sled soon. Brands like Taiga are coming out with electric snowmobiles. Hopefully, they can keep to a fall 2021 delivery. Because with speeds like 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds and uphill capability unaffected by altitude. This is the type of sled the ski world needs to improve its carbon impact.

Drop a comment if you have a preferred sled. Also, let us know where you’re riding and why.

Electric Sled
Taiga has been teasing their snowmobile for awhile. We all hope the hype meets expectations. Photo courtesy of Taiga

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