Big White, BC Staff Find and Return Australian Skier’s Wedding Ring Lost in Snow Since January

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big white, Canada, bc, British Columbia, wedding ring
A member of staff found the wedding ring 4-months later. Credit: Big White

In January, Greg Hedges and his family were on holiday from Australia and skiing at Big White Ski Resort, BC. While taking a photo, Greg put his gloveless left hand in the snow for balance, and when he pulled his hand out his wedding ring was gone, reports CBC.

When he pulled out his hand, the ring was gone. “I just went, ‘Oh no,'” he recalled.

Hedges searched in the snow with a group but came up empty-handed. He reported the missing ring to the resort’s concierge and flew back home to Sydney.

“I just said to myself quietly, ‘Look, one day, that thing just might turn up in the spring, if someone’s got the diligence and the care to go and have a look for it,'” he said.

big white, Canada, bc, British Columbia, wedding ring
Big White trail map

Last week Eric Robert, an employee at Big White Ski Resort, embarked on one final search for the ring in. Staff had searched the area multiple times over the winter but were thwarted by the constant snow. This time, the grass was exposed and the area clear. Robert came across a flat rock — and spotted the ring.

“It felt it really good. Very rewarding,” Robert said. “We didn’t really give up hope.”

Hedges learned of the recovery last Friday in a phone call from the resort’s concierge, and the ring is en route to Sydney via registered mail, with Hedges expecting to receive it June 5.

“I was just absolutely thrilled,” he said. “To lose it was very, very upsetting.”

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