25-Year-Old Lost in Idaho/Montana Wilderness Survived for 5 Days on Grasshoppers and Ants

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Kaden Laga, 25 (left) was lost in the wilderness for 5-days. Credit: Facebook

Kaden Laga, 25 was enjoying a family horseriding trip last Sunday in the Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness, near the border of Idaho and Montana, when things took a turn for the worst and he ended up spending the week lost and alone in the wilderness. He was finally found on Friday morning, reports KSL.

The horse he was riding went lame and Laga became separated from his family. He volunteered to walk the rest of the way since the group was now down one horse. He never made it to the predetermined meeting spot and according to his family he was with limited supplies and clothing.

“I don’t think people realize what a vast wilderness Montana has, and just I mean how far it is between trails and things,” Debbie Laga said Friday.

Kaden Laga was found in good health about 2:45 am Friday when he wandered into the camp of one of the volunteer search groups. He told the family he only slept three hours per night and spent most of his time walking around the wilderness, searching for a trail. He had finally found a trail when he saw a light and a tent that led him to the search crew’s camp, she said.

There was plenty of water in the area and Kaden survived off of bugs and berries, his mother said.

“He ate grasshoppers and ants and he said ‘Did you know that ants are kind of sweet?’” Debbie Laga said.

Aside from appearing skinny, Debbie Laga said her son was acting perfectly normal.

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