Louis Vuitton Launches ’23/24 Ski Collection

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Louis Vuitton’s 23/24 ‘LV Ski’ line combines high fashion with the highest technical functionality. There is even a pair of skis in the line emblazoned with the Louis Vuitton logo. | Picture: Louis Vuitton

When it comes to luxury brand, there is probably none more iconic than Louis Vuitton. The brand’s ‘LV’ logo is instantly recognizable the world over, and hardly any other luxury brand has managed to stay relevant and coveted for as long as Louis Vuitton.

The monogram jacket in blue and white with red stripes is probably less for the faint of heart. | Picture: Louis Vuitton

The French fashion house recently launched the ’23/24 LV Ski line and in keeping with tradition, offers something for every taste.

The LV striped puffer jacket has a sporty retro look and goes well with skinny ski pants for skiing or leggings for après. | Picture: Louis Vuitton

The women’s line is a nod to the early 1980s, with skinny pants and oversized jackets in blue, red, and white or monochrome colors. The monochrome line is more understated and laid back than the logo-emblazoned blue-white-and-red line. The blue-white monogram pattern is more for those with a bolder fashion sense.

Be prepared to see a lot of this jacket in downtown Aspen or Gstaad. This jacket also comes in blue with red monogrammed lining. | Picture: Louis Vuitton

My personal favorite is probably the high-waisted black ski pants from the monochrome line. The monochrome line in the LV Ski collection just oozes a timeless and effortless elegance. These pants can be paired well with many of the jackets in the monochrome line. There is a plain black or plain white puffer jacket as well as a slightly bolder black and white model (pictured above) that carries the Louis Vuitton flower in the center.

The black, high-wasted technical jersey flared ski pants are just the right combination of sporty functionality and sophistication. | Picture: Louis Vuitton

The men’s line is almost entirely black and white, with just a few splashes of blue accents. There is the camouflage-like ‘ice motif’ line with a matching jacket and pants set, which has just a few accents of light blue worked into the pattern, to break up the black-and-white. The technical ski jacket and pants are engineered for comfort and performance and feature everything you would expect from high-end ski clothing, from ski pass pockets to elasticated waists or air vents and snow stoppers. The ice motif was inspired by the aerial graphics of ice landscapes and glaciers and also appears on a fleece and cotton sweatshirt.

The technical ski pants and matching jacket come in a monochrome camouflage-like pattern called ice motif. | Picture: Louis Vuitton

For those who like to match their ski clothes and ski gear, there is a snowboard offered by Louis Vuitton that matches the men’s ice-motif technical set and a pair of skis that matches the blue and white monogram jacket with red stripes. The Louis Vuitton skis and snowboard are both handmade in the French Alps.

The Louis Vuitton Snowboard has the ‘ice pattern’ on the top sheet and a bright red underside with Louis Vuitton logo. | Picture: Louis Vuitton

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