Luxury Chalet Company Offering 20% Discounts for Guests Who Choose to “Ski Green”

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AliKats, a luxury Chalet company in Morzine, France, has announced new sustainability initiatives for the coming winter. The company has been taking steps to be increasingly more environmentally friendly over the years and now they are offering incentives to their guests who do the same.

They will offer a “low impact reward” to guests who book a stay with them if they meet three criteria. The requirements are they must use a train as their transportation to the resort, choose to not use the hot tub during their stay, and eat a plant-based diet. If they abide by these requirements, they will receive a substantial discount of up to 20% depending on when they book.

AliKats has created a range of meal delivery services so you don’t have to waste time shopping, cooking, or cleaning when you could be skiing. Credit:

The company chose these three criteria specifically because they will have a meaningful impact on the environment and reduce its carbon footprint. CO2 emissions will be cut from air travel, less electricity, and water will be used from the hot tub being dormant, and the vegan diet will cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The hot tub usage is especially important given the rising energy costs in the area. Not only does it decrease electricity needs but it reduces water waste.

Additionally, it is estimated that a typical consumer who changes their diet to avoid animal products reduces their emissions by 28 percent, land use by 75%, and water pollution by around 60%.

Healthy eating can not only taste good but be more sustainable. Credit:

What else is the company doing?

That just scratches the surface of what the company is doing to be more sustainable. Each of the 12 high-end chalets are powered by electricity from 100% renewable energy. They are also installing heating systems based on renewable energy, such as air source heat pumps.

They have also purchased two electric vehicles they use around the resort, have a vegetable garden, compost extensively, have reduced the amount of meat they serve, and installed a hen run. 

Alikats achieved zero food waste last year by composting and feeding the chickens with leftover food. Furthermore, the chickens and composting helped grow the food in the garden and the garden grew food to serve their guests, completing a full food cycle.

It is still to be determined if these incentives will change guest behavior. Many people like their meat and hot tub after a day of skiing. Maybe this will catch on and help fight climate change on a grander scale.

The company imagines a world where hospitality becomes an inspiring force for good by delivering experiences that are truly sustainable, enrich local communities, and are provided by teams of talented people who love what they do. Credit:

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