Mad River Glen, VT Video Conditions Report: Absolute Beatdown by Mother Nature

Steven Agar | | Conditions ReportConditions Report

The awesome guys at Mad River Glen, VT are keeping a positive attitude following the latest ‘absolute beatdown from Mother Nature’.

Temperatures in the 60’s and rain have had a super negative effect on the skiing conditions, relegating them once more to just the practice slopes.

mad river glen, vermont,
Mad River Glen, VT, 22nd February 2018. Credit: Eric Friedman

But it’s only February, let’s keep the faith. As Mother Nature can taketh, she can also giveth. There’s plenty of time yet for snow and to shred MRG before the season’s over.

Check the video, we love the honest approach of the guys over at Mad River Glen!

Did you know that MRG is now the only cooperatively owned ski area in America? In April 1998 the Mad River Glen Cooperative fulfilled its purchase agreement with the previous owner by selling its 1,667th share. The Cooperative continues to sell shares in an effort to broaden the base of support and to ensure long-term viability for the area. Shares cost $2,000 each and are available on a 30-month installment plan.

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