Mad River Glen, VT, Burns Vail Resorts With Instagram Post

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Credit: MRG Instagram

Mad River Glen, VT, shared an image on Instagram this weekend, clearly having a dig at the ‘epic’ prices at Vail Resorts.

Showing a picture of their menu, including an $8 burger, they added the caption “feeling weird and undesirable because our cheeseburger doesn’t cost $25…” and tagged @epicliftlines.

Burn! Well played MRG social team, well played. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

MRG isn’t your typical ski area. Located in the Green Mountains of Vermont, the ski area was founded in 1947 and puts skiing and community first. It operates one of two single chairlifts in the U.S., is only one of three ski areas in the U.S that forbids snowboarding, and is the only cooperatively owned ski area in the U.S. The mountain boasts a 2,000-foot vertical drop and is known for letting nature do the talking, focusing on natural terrain features with minimal snowmaking and grooming.

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4 thoughts on “Mad River Glen, VT, Burns Vail Resorts With Instagram Post

    1. You got it right! Best place in Vermont to ski. Trails are trails and slopes are slopes. I wouldn’t have it any other way! I ‘d like to see a skier from the West come and try to ski the trails. The saying is true, Mad River‐Ski it if you can. Am also glad that they don’t allow snowboarding. Most snowboarder don’t know how to use the steej edges of their boards! Granted, MRG is not for anyone…only those that know how to use the edges of their skins. I have been skiing MRG since 1974. Cannot think of any better ski area for a terrific workout! #1

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