Magic Mountain Ski Area, VT, Burns Vail Resorts Over Decision to Charge For Parking at Stowe, VT

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magic mountain, Vermont, free parking
Park for free at Magic Mountain Ski Area, VT. Credit: Resort

In response to Stowe Resort’s paid parking announcement yesterday, fellow Vermont resort Magic Mountain took the opportunity to rub salt in to the wound of Epic Pass holders by informing visitors that their parking will remain free next season.

Just a friendly reminder that parking is STILL FREE in Lots A and B next season. However, there may be surcharge for Lot C if you show us your Epic Pass since y’all becoming used to that now 😉

– Resort Facebook Post

Starting next season, Stowe will charge for parking on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays at all lots minus the Toll House and XC Center, according to a letter shared by Bobby Murphy, Stowe’s general manager. This means that on weekends next season, 80% of parking spaces at Stowe will require payment.

magic mountain, Vermont
Magic Mountain Ski Area, VT, about 130m south of Stowe.

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7 thoughts on “Magic Mountain Ski Area, VT, Burns Vail Resorts Over Decision to Charge For Parking at Stowe, VT

  1. Stowe and Vail resorts are mortgaging the future of snow sports. Sadly our love of winter is losing out to greedy executives who could care less about young families, which ultimately will lead to declining participation in snow sports. Try taking public transportation to the slopes with a three year old??? A very sad day for skiing and snow boarding throughout the United States.

  2. Not an Epic passholder. Never would be. I am however amused by how they dig their own grave.

  3. I’m 68 and have 20 years worth of dealing with Vail Resorts and IntraWest. My Wire calls them the Snow Nazis. They have live up to that name in the last few years by over selling season passes and making the slopes over crowded and unsafe. Long lines and unsafe down hill conditions so they can bank millionaires

  4. I’ve become more and more disturbed with Vail ever since it has acquired so many resorts here in the East. Their one size fits all approach to each of these ski mountains no longer recognizes the history, character and uniqueness of each of them, and has damaged much of the fun and enjoyment of skiing at each of these mountains.

  5. Does it make me a grumpy old ♂️ to reminisce about the days of skiing Mansfield out of a tiny lodge with few lift lines and no parking surcharge and ask ‘Where did it all go wrong’?

  6. Epic/Vail/Stowe is missing out on another way to generate income. They should have a surcharge for powder days at Stowe. No extra charge for the day to day normal icy boiler plate or frozen granular. But get an epic 2″ snow fall or more and whoo hoo, time to pay up for the right for first tracks at Stowe !

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