Major Wildfire in Summit County, Colorado

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Buffalo Mountain Fire as seen from the Silverthorne Outlets. Credit: Denver 9 News

A massive wildfire sprung up in Summit County, Colorado on Tuesday morning. Once again, forest fires are popping up all over Colorado largely due to the lack of snowfall this past winter and very hot spring days, which have already melted all the snow up high. Forest fire crews are still at work trying to contain the blaze. The Incident Commander has stated that the fire was definitely caused by humans.

Smoke filling the valley. Credit: Denver 9 News

The fire came within uncomfortable distance of many people and homes. According to Denver 9 News, as the fire raged, it came within 250 feet of properties up in the Wildernest area of Summit County. Wildernest & Mesa Cortina area’s received mandatory evacuation notices forcing 1,384 people to flee. Evacuated people were allowed to return to their homes Wednesday for personal items, but are seeking refuge at the Silverthorne Recreation Center.

A-1 Helicopter fighting the Buffalo Mountain Fire. Credit: The Denver Channel

Thankfully, there has been tons of proactive and active measures taken place to control the blaze. Fuel breaks, which are 300 to 500ft (90-150m) cuts between sections of heavily wooded forest, have provided less fuel for the raging fire and have made a big difference. Aircraft support has also been called in to help contain the blaze. A DC-10 air tanker and a A-1 helicopter were there to provide support.

Our thoughts go out to all affected by the fire and we hope Colorado gets some much needed cold summer rain!


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