Mammoth, CA Conditions Report: Crazy Fun June Skiing

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Up to yesterday. image: snowbrains

by Aaron Fox

Mammoth was all time yesterday. 

Antonella and I started skiing around 9-9:30 and the groomers were surprisingly firm and fast right from the gate. 

Chair 23 laps in June never disappoint. image: snowbrains

Without even a cool breeze in the air the park and off peace terrain stayed fast throughout the day as well.   

I ended up bumping into Andy Hays around noon and we started hot lapping Chair 23. 

Upside down in the park yesterday. image: snowbrains

From the top of Chair 23 you can rip and a nice steep big mountain line, right into a few natural rollers, and then finish the run with a couple rails and a money booter in the park. 

We blew the shot, but Andy threw a massive 360 toxic grab all the way to the “Thug Zone.” 

Still plenty of snow down low at Mammoth. image: snowbrains

To say the least, what more can you really ask for in June? To finish the day we had a couple beers on the sunny and beautiful Tusk .  

Looking forward to skiing with team Dangerous this week for more boisterous times. 

Thanks Mammoth and Snowbrains for a phenomenal day!

Getting off Chair 1. image: snowbrains

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