Mammoth, CA Conditions Report: Private Ski Resort Today!

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Mammoth Mountain, CA awoke to a high wind warning today that ended up shutting down every chair but Chair 3 at about 9am today.

Chair 3 is on the upper mountain so if you were up there, you had the whole place to yourself.

Yimmers laying it down with the Minarets. image: skimac

There are a ton of fun options off of Chair 3 including a mini roller park, a cat track jib, a first descent, a wiggle, a zipper line, deep sun-cupped-watermelon-snow off-piste, and great groomers.

Needless to say, there was no crowd at all due to the fact that Chair 1 was closed and there was no way to get up to Chair 3 – unless you hiked up – which we had done…

The Squad. image: snowbrains

We threw 3-inch 360ºs, 2-inch 180ºs, skied extreme first descents, carved groomers, bashed bump runs, and laughed a lot.

Mammoth is open until June 17th.

Mammoth is open from 7:30am – 1pm daily.


Erica on the last run of the day with the Minarets. image: snowbrains
Top of the hill today. image: snowbrains
Erica and Mammoth. image: snowbrains
Skimac crushing bumps. image: snowbrains
Erica and Fox at their private ski resort. image: snowbrains
Skimac and the Minarets. image: snowbrains
Mac-Daddy and Mac-Mammy! image: yimmers

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