Mammoth, CA Report: 8-Hour Drive Park City, UT to Mammoth + 2 Hours of Slushy Bliss

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Report from April 2, 2022

Awake at 5:30 am MT.

On the road in Park City, UT by 5:45 am.

Gas in Wendover, NV.

Gas in Ely, NV.

Gas in Tonopah, NV.

I do not like being low on gas on this backroad Nevada desert crossing.

When I first saw the 14,000′ White Mountains of California, I got excited.

When I saw the 14,000′ Sierra Nevada mountains, my heart started racing.

Chair 23. image: snowbrains

Nothing beats Mammoth in May.

Frightening backcountry chutes, hot springs, a hot river, slushy park jumps, delectable ice cream, terrific tortas, Mobile Mart, wide-open groomers, soft bumps, the ice cream highway, stoopid costumes, and great friends.

After eight hours of driving, I pulled into the parking lot at Chair 2.

Almost to Mammoth. image: snowbrains

Ski clothes on, ski boots on, California Gold Pass, and I was moving uphill.

I was on the hill by 1 pm PT.

It was just windy enough to close the upper half of the gondola but Chair 23 was still open.

The Hulk and Minarets…image: snowbrains
Hulk Smash! image: snowbrains


I cranked Chair 23 laps for an hour before remembering to do some top to bottom laps before closing at 3 pm.

Mammoth is open 7:30 am – 3 pm right now.

Mammoth/Tioga Pass gear. image: snowbrains

The lower mountain race tracks were skiing great.

After two top to bottom laps and a couple more Chair 23 laps, it was 3 pm and I headed to Vons for groceries.

Once I got home, I broke my 24-hour fast and got to hang out with Tall Carl for a bit.

Apres tea! image: snowbrains

Oh, and Mammoth has one large step-down tabletop jump and a buncha other fun features.

I think I’ll wait for that jump to get a bit smaller…

I’m really hoping I can still pull off the D-Spin 720º this year at 44-years-old!

Gorgeous decomposing granite near the White Mountains, CA. image: snowbrains

It felt really really good to settle into our old buddy Mike’s house here in Mammoth.

Today was one helluva adventure.

There’s nothing like Mammoth in May!

Snow Numbers

image: mammoth, 5/2/22


image: noaa, 5/2/22


5:45am in Park City, UT. image: snowbrains
Driving south into Ely, NV. image: snowbrains
Nevada… image: snowbrains
Mammoth is the best on Earth at snow farming. image: snowbrains
Complicated. image: snowbrains
Chair 23. image: snowbrains

The good life… image: snowbrains
Cal Ski Team cabin rules! image: snowbrains

This vest… image: snowbrains
Lower mountain switch. image: snowbrains
The Sierra Nevada. image: snowbrains
The large Sierra Nevada. image: snowbrains
Rolling into Mammoth Mountain. image: snowbrains
California rocks! image: snowbrains


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