Mammoth, CA, Report: Full on Winter Snow & Good Times on May 6th

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Report from May 6, 2023

Brought to you by Mammoth Mountain

“I’m leaving for the mountain at 8:30am.” – Dwanis at 8am today


“Looks like you’re going solo.” – Me at 8am today

It looked rough out there this morning.

  • 16ºF
  • Foggy
  • White out
  • 2-3″ of new now
  • Windy

We ended up negotiating a 9 am departure.

It did snow, so we knew we should get out and look.

The webcams didn’t lie.

Dwanis pow. image: snowbrains

It was a foggy whiteout.

We skied a few laps in the Canyon Lodge area before venturing to Chair 5.

We were surprised to find Chair 5 skiing powdery, buttery, and smooth…

Backward skis! image: snowbrains

Couldn’t see, though…

About 10:30-11 am, the fog lifted a bit, and you could see a little better.

We mostly stayed near the trees for visibility, but the skiing got much more fun with the better light.

Chair 5. image: snowbrains

Once we’d memorized a few runs, we gained confidence and could ski a bit faster.

The lower the angle, the better.

The steeper, the worse.

Chair 5 barely off the ground. image: snowbrains

We ended up having a blast out there today!

Thanks, Mammoth!


image: mammoth, 5/6/23


image: noaa, 5/6/23


Chair 5. image: snowbrains
Dry creek. image: snowbrains
Frosty. image: snowbrains
Chair 5 nuts. image: snowbrains
Chair 10. image: snowbrains
Miles skiing Mammoth, CA. image: snowbrains
Chair 5. image: snowbrains
Chair 5. image: snowbrains
Miles skiing Chair 5 at Mammoth, CA. image: snowbrains
Apres tea. image: snowbrains

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