Mammoth, CA Report: Full-Throttle Epic Mini-Powder Day After 7″ of New Snow

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Report from May 3, 2023

Brought to you by Mammoth Mountain

Yesterday, we experienced a full-throttle epic mini-powder day at Mammoth Mountain, CA.

It’s difficult to express how much fun we had here yesterday…

We skied scary lines off Huevos Grande (proper Spanish would be “Huevos Grandes”) that we hadn’t skied since 2006.

We skied bizarre knife-edge ridge runs down the Paranoids and even into Phillipes.

Kiwi Flats went untouched yesterday…

The entrance air was just too gnarly.

Our first run was right under the gondola on Climax and was surprisingly great.

The groomer on Chair 5 was luscious.

Most of the mountain was dust on crust, but there were spots where you could float on creamy May powder if you were fast and light enough.

We skied as hard as we could right until 1 pm when we watched a fog bank roll in from the west and overtake the mountain.

That fog quickly subsided, and the day continued sunny and cool.

Such a treat to get a May powder day at Mammoth.

This is our tenth May in Mammoth, and every single one of them has had a May powder day or three.

Mammoth has received 712-894″ of snow this season.

California snowpack numbers.

The Central Sierra Snowpack is at 252% of average to date.

The Southern Sierra Snowpack is at 331% of average to date.

Thanks, Mammoth!


image: mammoth, 4/4/23


image: noaa, 4/4/23


Chair 23 fresh snow. image: snowbrains
Chair 23 tracked. image: snowbrains
Gorgeous Chair 23. image: snowbrains
Chair 23 in The Nothing. image: snowbrains
Dropping. image: snowbrains
Greggy getting high. image: snowbrains
Patrol tracks in Hangmans. image: snowbrains
Read the sign! image: snowbrains
The Hulk Lives! image: snowbrains
The White Mountains. image: snowbrains
Western Vistas. image: snowbrains
The nothing eating Chair 3. image: snowbrains
Minarets, Banner, Ritter. image: snowbrains
Greggy off Huevos Grande. image: snowbrains
Mammoth. image: snowbrains
Top of the World at Mammoth. image: snowbrains
1966 Mammoth gondola. image: snowbrains
Chair 23 totally fresh. image: snowbrains
Miles & Greggy happy on Summit. image: snowbrains
Mammoth is buried in snow. image: snowbrains
Huge jumps here now. image: snowbrains
Chair 23. image: snowbrains
Tracks on 23. image: snowbrains
Tracks on 23. image: snowbrains

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