Mammoth, CA Report: Naked Groomer Madness!

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Report from May 13, 15, 16, 17, 2022

We’ve been skiing Mammoth like crazy lately because the backcountry hasn’t been good.

Well, we did go into the backcountry on Saturday, and it was pretty darned fun in spots…

Miles laze. image: snowbrains

Mammoth, however, has been $$$$.

On May 13, Mammoth was still chalky and wintery up high with killer-packed powder groomers.

On May 15, Mammoth was back in its full-on spring skiing cycle with firm runs in the morning (they open at 7:30 am) and fun, slushy groomers by 10 am.

Da crew on Friday. image: snowbrains

On May 16, Mammoth didn’t freeze overnight, so the early groomers were smooth ice, but the upper mountain groomers were just right by 8 am.

Chairs 3 and 5 were great this day.

On May 17, Mammoth was perfect by 9 am, with top to bottom runs on Scotties being our favorite runs of May so far!

Speedo Man has been out every day, and he is crushing and tan AF. 

Freakin’ stoked on the deck before the Lazy River. image: snowbrains

We river surfed the Lazy River a couple of days after skiing Mammoth this weekend, and it was pure gold.

We saw some epic sunsets and even six white pelicans.

Mammoth is on fire and just extended its season until June 5.

White pelicans and Fox. image: snowbrains

Will Mammoth extend past June 5?

In our opinion:  100% yes.

We think it’ll extend until June 12, then shut down.

The Foot. image: snowbrains

Not bad for a mountain that only saw 260″-341″ of snow this season!

There is still a lot of snow here, and Mammoth can snow farm like no other 🙂

Snow Numbers

image: mammoth, 5/17/22


image: NOAA, 5/17/22


Miles pumped on the surf being up. image: snowbrains
Dwanis cruise. image: snowbrains
Miles feeling it. image: snowbrains
Cloud porn. image: snowbrains
Cheers! image: snowbrains
Dwanis supervising. image: snowbrains
Yimmers in recovery mode. image: snowbrains
Sunset vibes. image: snowbrains
Yimmers crushing. image: snowbrains
Miles, Yimmers, Trevor gondy. image: snowbrains
Miles getting low. image: snowbrains
Clouds. image: snowbrains
Mammoth Minarets. image: snowbrains
Nate in the float. image: snowbrains
Bevan not so sure that there’s bigfoot in Oklahoma… image: snowbrains
Beers on the deck on Friday! image: snowbrains
Mammoth today. image: snowbrains
Miles drift. image: snowbrains
Yimmers wedge. image: snowbrains

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