Chalk and Windbuff at Mammoth, February 4th Conditions Report

Matt Bansak |
Lauren Bibby, Photo: Matt Bansak

Yesterday was fun at Mammoth. After a great week in Tahoe, Lauren Bibby and I decided it would be a nice change of scenery to head down to Mammoth. They have been doing quite nicely as well, with over 3 feet of snow in the last week. The conditions did not disappoint. While there wasn’t much untracked powder left, we lucked out with chalk and windbuff everywhere. The Paranoids were especially nice, with good snow and powdery exits. As I’ve come to expect with Mammoth, the groomers were dialed. Even the steeper groomers like Cornice bowl were skiing nicely with a chalky feel from some of the snow that had blown in. The park was great with a nice variety of features of all sizes, complete with a half pipe (lacking from some notable Tahoe resorts). All in all, a great trip, and stoke levels seemed to be running high among the Mammoth locals.

Matt, photo: Lauren Bibby


Lauren coming down the Paranoids




Matt, Photo: Lauren Bibby



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