Mammoth Lakes, CA – Raising The Bar in Responsible Tourism

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Mammoth Lakes, CA. Photo credit: Dakota Snider / Mammoth Lakes Tourism

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When envisioning the quintessential, unforgettable escapade in the mountains, whether it be sun-soaked or snow-covered, you may picture how that place might look, sound, or, better yet, feel. A serene, natural setting encompassed by awe-inspiring mountains, with crystal clear lakes, pine forests, and adventure at every turn. For this perfect paradise, look no further than Mammoth Lakes, California-the year-round adventureland for all.

Nestled in the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mammoth Lakes boasts breathtaking mountain scenery surrounded by extensive national forests and picturesque lakes. From powder-filled ski turns to photographic hikes and swims, Mammoth Lakes is a year-round playground with a little something for everyone. With adventure awaiting, Mammoth Lakes is ready to welcome guests back into the wild while putting the safety of everyone above all else. Setting the stage for visiting the mountain resorts we all love and cherish responsibly, Mammoth Lakes surpasses the standard guidelines and protocols to ensure each guest enjoys every step along their journey as safely and dutifully as possible.

Fresh tracks at Mammoth Mountain Resort. Photo credit: Dakota Snider / Mammoth Lakes Tourism

As resorts around the country continue to navigate a challenging and ever-changing winter, Mammoth Mountain Resort takes pride in setting the tone for adventuring safely amidst a pandemic. Home to California’s highest serviced peak, Mammoth Mountain Resort continues to draw the attention of skiers, snowboarders, and winter enthusiasts alike, to the 3,500-acres of skiable terrain and endless winter recreation. However, their collective and diligent efforts managing the 2020/2021 season during such unprecedented times have gained notable recognition, placing Mammoth Mountain Resort in the limelight for responsible and safe tourism. Through conscientious and tactful planning, policies and procedures have been updated to exceed local and state guidelines to ensure the utmost safety of all guests. Investing $1 million in resort enhancements in response to the COVID-19 concerns, Mammoth Mountain Resort focuses heavily on health and safety throughout your entire visit. New technologies, ranging from sanitization procedures to proper social distancing to cancellation policies and capacity limitations, have been strategically designed to make every experience worry-free.

The destination’s year-round nature leaves the story up to you, with no beginning or end to the endless adventure opportunities. No matter what season is calling to you, Mammoth Lakes offers many activities, leaving the choice up to you. With an average annual snowfall of 400 inches, it goes without saying the skiing and riding at Mammoth Mountain Resort attracts many winter enthusiasts. For those seeking alternative activities, the list is endless. There is access to winter pursuits of all kinds from scenic gondola rides and snowmobile excursions to snow tube parks. However, it doesn’t end there-the warmer months deliver breathtaking hikes, easy access to crystal clear lakes, and bountiful sunshine.

The Village at Mammoth Mountain Resort. Photo credit: Miles Weaver / Mammoth Lakes Tourism

Regardless of the draw, Mammoth Lakes considers every detail of your visit, catering to your needs and wants beyond your recreation of choice. By adhering to state and county guidelines, the community has been working tirelessly to welcome all guests to the area with an energetic spirit while prioritizing responsible travel. Prioritizing lodging precautions is of the utmost importance to Mammoth Mountain Resort, focusing on diligent cleaning protocols, flexible cancellation policies, and strict face mask guidelines. Through deliberate foresight and preparation for an influx of adventure seekers, Mammoth lodging has taken appropriate measures to guarantee a comfortable and relaxing stay. For you to enjoy your favorite local eateries, meticulous efforts have been put towards limited indoor dining capacities, plus advanced reservations and take-out options. To ensure ease of travel to and from Mammoth Lakes, many local and regional transportation routes are in operation with limited capacity and accessible schedules.

While Mammoth Lakes addresses the safety concerns of COVID-19 first and foremost, their efforts towards responsible tourism don’t end there. The pull of the mountains and the possibilities of unreal adventure that exist within these natural and serene places is what makes them so sacred. To preserve the land and environment that provides us with such curiosity and wonder, we, as travelers, must adventure responsibly. When visiting Mammoth Lakes, following responsible and sustainable practices is encouraged, promoting the “leave no trace” principle wherever you choose to find your adventure. Providing reliable resources, travelers can learn how to best experience the mountains, lakes, and destinations as a whole. Before embarking on your trip to Mammoth, you can take sustainable action by signing the Mammoth Lakes Promise, pledging your support in protecting the beloved mountains that make this region undeniably magical.

No matter what season, attraction, or recreational sport it is that pulls you in, Mammoth Lakes will welcome you with open arms. To breathe in that fresh mountain air, whether you are kayaking the clear, blue waters or soaring down the mountainside, revitalizes the mind, body, and soul in an unparalleled way. It is crucial, now more than ever, that we mindfully protect the places that provide us with such meaningful experiences. It is in our hands, as travelers, to treat our natural playgrounds with love and respect. Mammoth Lakes represents responsible and sustainable tourism in a manner that we can only hope serves as an example for all. For in the magnificent mountains of Mammoth Lakes, there is no small adventure.

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