Mammoth Mountain, CA Report: Legit Big Mountain Skiing In Late June

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Report from June 27th, 2019

Another deep freeze made Mammoth terrific today.

It was cool and windy today, which kept the snow great all day.

The high was only 40ºF at the top of the mountain and only 50ºF at the bottom today.

It’s pretty amazing that you can get in legit big mountain skiing at an open ski resort in late June right now.

Lost in the wiggle. image: snowbrains

It’s summer.

It’s summer and Mammoth is skiing terrifically.

It feels like early May here right now.

Chair 23 and the top of the gondola are both open and dishing up great freeskiing.

Wiggle perfection. Chair 23. image: snowbrains

The park is also still going strong with 2 big jumps, many rails, and they’re hoping to keep the park going until July 7th.

“Lower Main Park currently has 2 jumps and 11 jibs, Forest Trail has 2 jumps and 12 jibs. Our goal is to keep lower Main Park open through July 7.” – Mammoth Mountain, June 25th, 2019

The snow was good top to bottom today right until the closing bell at 1pm.

The Chair HULK! image: snowbrains

It was cold enough and froze hard enough last night that they snow stayed great all day.

I have to leave Mammoth on Saturday after being here for a month and I’m already bummed about it…

Mammoth is going to be great in July – no doubt.

Rail. image: snowbrains


image: mammoth, 6/27/19



Chair 23 wiggle. image: snowbrains
Get the mini-shot. image: snowbrains
Get the shot! image: snowbrains
Chair 23. image: snowbrains
Slide. image: snowbrains
Mammoth Rail section. image: snowbrains
Hangman’s Chute has a lot of rocks in the choke and is closed now. image: snowbrains
Wipeout Chute East. image: snowbrains
The Minarets. image: snowbrains
Chair 23 Wiggle. image: snowbrains
Crossing Tracks. image: snowbrains
Fresh tracks in the Paranoids. image: snowbrains
slide it. image: snowbrains

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