Mammoth Mountain, CA Report: There Is SO Much Snow Here Right Now!

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The backside of Mammoth. image: snowbrains

Report from June 8th, 2019

Mammoth Mountain, CA experienced a very hard freeze on Friday night (low of 25ºF), which made the snow phenomenal all over the mountain yesterday.

We showed up at 10:30am and the snow was on point.

That hard freeze made for great snow all day.

Erica laying into one off Chair 23. image: snowbrains

The Face off Chair 3 was fast and fun.

The gully just east of Chair 3 down to Chair 5 was neato.

Chair 23, as per usual, was terrific.

The wiggle at Mammoth is live! image: snowbrains

The snowpack here is impressive right now.

Mammoth has seen 718″ of snowfall this season.

Mammoth Main Lodge area looks like mid-April…

The views at Mammoth are incredible right now. 

Apres ski hot springs. image: snowbrains

The 14,000′ White Mountains are full of snow and imposing in appearance, which is very rare for June.

Mammoth also has a big public park set up right now with many rails, small jumps, and big jumps.

Mammoth is absolutely on fire right now and it’s mid-June.

Jump! image: snowbrains


Oh, and the hot spring is going strong right now as well.

So many hot springs out here…

Erica honing in on the wiggle. image: snowbrains


image: mammoth, 6/9/


image: noaa, 6/9/19


Spring flows on the way to the hot springs. image: snowbrains
Erica honing in on the wiggle. image: snowbrains
Apres ski! image: snowbrains
Erica in the wiggle. image: snowbrains

The Mammoth skyline is stunning. image: snowbrains
Mt. Ritter and Mt. Banner. image: snowbrains
The backside of Mammoth. image: snowbrains

Chair 23 skittles. image: snowbrains

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