VIDEO: Oakley Hosts Sweet Free Mini Pipe Challenge for Riders at Mammoth Mountain, CA

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A couple of weeks ago, Oakley crew hosted a free double minipipe contest for the patrons of Mammoth Mountain’s pistes, as well as a pond-skim for the whole resort, reports

Complete with a frontside and backside hip entry, multiple coping hits, and a snowcat-sized gap with a flat rail across, the possibilities on the double minipipe were endless. Sy Moran sent massive cripplers over gap while Eero Ettala chose the rail route, backed up by Rene planting the tire feature towards the bottom and Judd sending huge bs 360s off the hip.

mammoth mountain, mammoth, Oakley, minipipe
Oakley minipipe competition at Mammoth Mountain. Credit: Mammoth Mountain

Over 80 riders joined the pros to session the feature built by TJ Dawoud and the Unbound crew for the better part of Saturday. When the lifts stopped turning, riders stayed and hiked until the plug was pulled on the music and the final call was given.

Last year Mammoth Mountain stayed open right through August, and this year are planning on staying open through 28th May at least.

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