Winter’s Coming | Only 85-Days Until Mammoth Mountain, CA Opens on Nov 9th for Winter 19/20

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ikon pass, powder days
The White Room. Credit: Ikon Pass

Winter’s coming.

3 months. 12 weeks. 85 days. 2,040 hours.

They’re all the same, countdown however you want. They’ll all lead you to November 9th, 2019 when Mammoth Mountain, CA start their lifts turning for winter 2019/20.

And they only just finished winter 2018/19. After an epic winter, featuring historic snowfalls, the mountain closed on 28th July 2019. 19 days ago.

So join us in getting stoked. We’ll be counting the seconds… 122,400…122,399…122,398…

mammoth, california, opening day, winter, countdown
This is about that time of the summer when we start dreaming about stuff like this. Credit: @MammothUnbound

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