Mammoth Mammoth, CA Winter Weather Forecast 2013/14

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Mammoth Mountain Weather Guy/ Senior Meteorologist has just released his 2013/14 winter weather forecast for Mammoth Mountain ski resort in California.  He has some great infographics along with some powerful technical descriptions of why his forecast is what it is.  Here is his forecast summary.  March is lookin’ good…


Mammoth Winter Precipitation Forecast for 2013-14

The winter forecast favors near average snowfall for Mammoth Mountain Ski Area with a total snowfall forecast of 375 inches (average is ~350”) from November through April.

The forecast shows above normal snowfall to start the season in November with the second or third week of November the possible time frame for heavier snowfall.

The outlook for December is showing an average snowfall followed by slightly below normal snow in January 2014.   The forecast also suggests that February will be the driest month with below average snowfall followed by a snowy and above normal March with over 100 inches of snowfall.   The snowfall season should conclude with an average April 2014.

Overall, the season should start out snowy followed by dry spells in early December and then in again in late January and February.

The main difference between Winter 2013-14 and 2012-13 is the early winter won’t be as snowy, but the late winter and Spring should see significantly more snowfall than the record breaking dry mid-Winter and Spring of last season.” –


Monthly Mammoth 2013/14 Snow Forecast Totals:

November = 70”

December = 60”

January = 45”

February = 25”

March = 115” April =

40” November – April = 375”

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  1. Too bad these weather guys don’t make money for sensationalism. Cause damn they’d be rich!

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