Man Dies in Tree Strike at Killington Resort, VT

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Killington. Credit:

On Sunday, during the busy holiday weekend, Jason Vitale passed away after colliding with a tree at Killington Resort, VT.

The 58-year-old resident of New York went into cardiac arrest on his way to the hospital where he later died. He was reportedly riding without a helmet and traveling at fast speeds.

According to a National Ski Areas Association study, helmet use has been on the rise for riders. Since the study started in 2002, they have reported an increase in helmet use every season. In the first year of the study, only 25% of riders used helmets, compared with 80% last season. The study also mentioned that using a helmet decreases the risk of potentially serious head injury dropped as well.

My university ski team’s unofficial motto is “Safety Is Sexy”. Hopefully, use of helmets will continue to rise

fresh turns at killington
Fresh snow at Killington, VT on the first day of 2020. PC: Killington

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