Man Found Alive 49 Days After Going Missing in the Grand Canyon, AZ

Dominic Gawel | BackcountryBackcountry
Credit: Grand Canyon National Park Service

60-year-old Stephen Coleman of Portland, Maine, was last seen on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park on December 20th, 2020. He left his belongings with a friend before heading into the canyon, and he never returned to retrieve them. The National Park Service believed he was traveling alone into the canyon and is a transient in the Arizona area.

The National Park Service was not notified of Coleman’s disappearance until a few days ago. A missing person search started Saturday, February 6th.

Coleman was located outside of the park on Sunday, February 7th, at approximately 12:00 PM — 49 days after being last seen. The National Park Service did not release details of Coleman’s disappearance or where exactly he was found, although they confirmed he is in good health.

Grand Canyon South Rim. Credit: CalTopo

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