Man Hikes With Piano Up 13,000ft Himalayan Mountain So Kids Could Hear Mozart For First Time

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Piano Hikers
Hiking Up 13,000ft Mountain With Piano|

Desmond O’Keeffe hiked with a 100-year-old piano up a 13,000 foot Himalayan mountain so children could hear Mozart for the first time. Desmond is a piano tuner who embarked on this 13-month journey to the remote Himalayan mountains. The villagers at the top of the mountain live at one of the highest altitudes in the world and have never seen a piano before.

The remarkable 13-month mission started in Desmond’s piano shop in Camden, North London. O’Keeffe got the idea when a teacher told him she dreamt of teaching piano in the Himalayan mountains. Due to Desmond’s efforts, the children in the village are now learning to play the piano.

Piano Hiker
Desmond O’Keeffe Hiking Up Himalaya’s With Piano |

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