Man Hit By Chairlift Sues Mount Hood Meadows

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Mount Hood Meadows on the slopes of Mt. Hood. photo: wikipedia

James P. Meagher was injured while trying to load onto a chairlift at Mount Hood Meadows on March 27, 2014. The safety bar was down when James went to load the chair, and Meagher was struck and dragged by the chairlift.

Meagher suffered a partial tear of his meniscus and other injuries and is suing Mount Hood for a total of $316,990. If that number seems a little high, here is how Meagher got it: $250,000 for pain and suffering, $40,557 in medical expenses, and $26,423 in lost wages.

In suing for over $25,000 in lost wages, Meagher is trying to recoup money lost so far, not money to be made in the future. Since this incident happened on March 27th, Meagher must hold an important position.

We’ll see how this case progresses. In Mount Hood Meadow’s season pass release of liability the 7th line of the skier’s responsibility code states “Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely.” But, if the bar was down Meagher may try to pin the responsibility on Mount Hood Meadows.

On April 3rd, a woman sued Mount Hood Skibowl for $900,000 after a drunk snowboarder collided with her two years ago. Maria Stanila lost the use of a kidney during the accident.

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2 thoughts on “Man Hit By Chairlift Sues Mount Hood Meadows

  1. Oh great, now the price of my pass will go up next year. Geez.
    I was at Snowmass this year, skiing the fluff on the side of a run where the homes are. Someone had attached a cable to hold a young tree straight. They marked the post with a ribbon, but there was no ribbon on the cable. I slipped between the post and the tree, and got clotheslined by the cable.
    Should the cable have been marked? Yes.
    Did I sue? No.
    Take some personal responsibility people.

  2. The suing over being hit by the snowboarder was at Mt. Hood Skibowl, not Mt. Hood Meadows.

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