Man in Beaver Creek, CO Skis 90,000+ Vertical-Feet in One Day

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Screenshot of Boblitt’s 90,000′ day recorded on the EpicMix app. Image courtesy of VailDaily.

A good day on the slopes may be 20,000, 30,000, or even 40,000 vertical feet for many skiers. But 90,000!? Is that even possible? Apparently so, as Jonathan Boblitt has now proved at Beaver Creek, CO, while skiing at the resort last Wednesday, January 27th.

Skiing 90,000′ in one day is no easy task. It takes an entire day’s commitment from the first chair up to the last chair down, no lift lines, a planned route to maximize vertical, and no breaks. When speaking with VailDaily, that is exactly what Boblitt told them.

“These runs were completed without a bathroom stop and no lunch break… I did stop once to help collect a piece of a yard sale. You always stop, it’s the code—even if you’re going for a record.”

Boblitt determined that the place to maximize vertical at Beaver Creek was the Birds of Prey chairlift, home to the FIS World Cup racecourse. He then, 39 times that day, took Red Tail run down to achieve his total of 90,073′.

Highlighted route of Boblitt’s 90,000′ ski day. Trail map courtesy of Beaver Creek.

Boblitt also noted when talking with VailDaily how supportive the lift attendants were on the Bird of Prey chairlift, citing that after 39 runs in one day, the lift attendants are sure to start recognizing you.

Photo of Jonathan Boblitt. Image courtesy of VailDaily.

How Hard is it to Beat 90,000′ in a Day?

At the end of VailDaily’s article is a list of unofficial records in which other readers have sent in their personal vertical records, with one person claiming to have also done 90,000′ in a day at Beaver Creek and many others claiming in the 70-80,000′ range. But what if you wanted to do 100,000′ in a day? Is that even possible?

There is one thing Boblitt could have done to add to his vertical—find a resort that offers both day and night skiing, allowing one to ski for 14 hours in one day instead of eight. Other than that, Boblitt seems to have completed the most efficient ski day at Beaver Creek on record, and that may take a while before it changes.

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3 thoughts on “Man in Beaver Creek, CO Skis 90,000+ Vertical-Feet in One Day

  1. Red Tail sucks. I would have done Centennial all day. It’s 200 vert ft less, but 100 times more fun.

  2. It helps if you have a dedicated airplane and 14 hours to ski in one day but there is this feat accomplished by Swiss legend Dominique Perret.

    1998: Accomplishing the Vertical Descent World Record of 353,600 feet (some 120,000 meters) in 14.5 hours of non-stop skiing in Blue River/BC, Canada.

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