Police Looking for Man Who Punctured Boy’s Brain with Ski Pole in Grouse Mountain, BC Ski-Rage Attack

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grouse mountain, Vancouver, injury, ski-rage, punctured brain
Max Keir, 13

The father of a 13-year-old North Vancouver skier who suffered a serious brain injury on Grouse Mountain, BC made an emotional appeal on Wednesday for the person responsible to come forward, writes CBC.

David Keir says on the evening of March 30 his son Max and an unidentified man in a yellow ski jacket swerved to avoid each other while skiing down a run called The Cut. He says the man thrust a ski pole at the boy’s head with sufficient force to puncture his brain.

“The CT scan revealed a bullet-size hole above the temporal bone,” said Keir. “It went through his skin, through the bone, through the brain membrane, and into the right temporal lobe.”

grouse mountain, Vancouver, injury, ski-rage, punctured brain
David Keir pointing to the location of his son’s injury. Credit: CBC

Keir says Max was initially treated by ski patrol and then received stitches in an emergency room for the deep laceration. But later that same evening he became dazed, confused and started vomiting. He was rushed back to the hospital where he underwent emergency brain surgery. Eight weeks later, Keir says his son is slowly recovering and just beginning to return to school for an hour a day.

“There were bone fragments and a pool of blood in his brain,” said Keir. “When doctors showed me that image, you freak out as a parent.”

North Vancouver RCMP, who say they have exhausted all their leads, can’t say whether the incident was intentional, or an accident, and are launching this appeal for new information in order to progress the investigation. They are appealing for witnesses and are especially interested in speaking with an unidentified woman who helped Max with his wound at the bottom of the ski run.

grouse mountain, Vancouver, injury, ski-rage, punctured brain
Grouse Mountain, BC

Keir, however, contends the incident was not accidental because Max reported that the man threw his ski pole at him.

“Someone is out there with big-time anger issues,” said Keir. “Maybe that person will do the right thing and come forward or, at the very least, get some help.”

Anyone with information or video is asked to contact Const. Yushi Ebisawa with North Vancouver RCMP at 604-969-7345, or by email at yushi.ebisawa@rcmp-grc-gc.ca. At the time, Max was wearing a white Adidas brand hooded sweatshirt, a dark blue tuque, and tan-colored ski pants.

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