Man Saves Coyote Pup From Drowning, Then They Raft 10 Days Together

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coyote pup,
A recently rescued coyote pup seemingly enjoying the float with his new found savior. Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan FB page

A good samaritan on a multi-day rafting trip saved a coyote pup’s life and brought it to the proper authorities once they returned to civilization. The man is known only as “Justin” from a Facebook post by the “Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan“, where the pup was first brought to be rehabilitated.

Justin was rafting the Red Deer and South Saskatchewan Rivers when at some point he heard an out of place sound. He shored up his raft and hiked around to try and determine what the sound was. He was unable to find any clarity, so he returned to his raft to do some fishing.

coyote pup,
Yip-Yip finding comfort in Justin’s Backpack. Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan FB page

While he was enjoying some fishing, he heard a squeak come from somewhere nearby. He noticed some kind of animal struggling, the animal was almost completely underwater. He got closer and bravely tried to grab whatever it was that was struggling. Justin fell out of his raft reaching for the animal, which he was able to grab and realize it was a young coyote pup. The young pup was unconscious and was not breathing! Luckily for this pup, Justin was trained in CPR, and with swift action was able to get the pup breathing again. Justin and the lucky pup then shored up to make a fire so they could both warm-up and dry off.

Yip-Yip with his new brothers and sisters at the rehabilitation. Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan FB page

Justin quickly named the pup Yip-Yip when he realized it wanted to stick around. The pup was later estimated to be only 8-10 weeks old. Justin continued to care for Yip-Yip, sharing meals and warmth together for the next 10 days. The pup even started sleeping in Justin’s backpack, seeming very comfortable with his newfound savior.

Once they neared civilization and cell reception was located, Justin called his wife to figure out what steps to take next with Yip-Yip. They got in touch with Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan (WRSOS), who in turn got the pup over to “Wild and Cared Free Wildlife Rehabilitation” in Moosejaw, SK.

The pup is now living with other orphaned coyote pups and will later be reintroduced back into the wild when he is ready.

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Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan FB page

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