‘Man in Crisis’ Survives Plunge Over Niagara Falls | First Unprotected Survivor Since 1960

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Niagara Falls, man survives, canada,
Niagara Falls. Credit: skeeze | Pixabay

A man has survived going over Niagara Falls with non-life threatening injuries, police say. Niagara Parks Police responded to calls at 4 am Tuesday morning of a man in crisis at the brink of the water.

The man climbed a retaining wall after officers arrived, before dropping into the rushing waters above the Horseshoe Falls, police said.

Rescue teams searched the basin below and eventually came upon the man sitting on rocks near the Journey Behind the Falls observation platform. The man was transported to hospital for further care.

Niagara Falls, man survives, canada,
Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is notoriously deadly, and has proven fatal to many who have tried to survive a plunge over the falls. Several people have gone over the Horseshoe Falls in barrels, but it’s extremely rare to survive the fall without some form of protection.

The incident on Tuesday occurred exactly 59 years to the day after the first known case of a person surviving an unprotected plunge over the falls. American Roger Woodward, 7, survived going over the falls with only a life-jacket on July 9, 1960, acording to Global News.

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