Mark McMorris Back On Social Media After Horrible Backcountry Accident

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Mark McMorris. Image: Scott Serfas

Last Week, Mark McMorris was in a terrible accident in the BC Backcountry and it left him with life-threatening injuries. Craig, Mark’s Brother, said that Mark and his friends built a kicker in the BC Backcountry last Saturday. After hitting the jump, Mark veered into a group of trees at a high speed. After the impact, he never lost consciousness, but he had trouble breathing with a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and blood pooling in his mouth from a broken jaw.

The group has to wait 90 minutes for a rescue helicopter to reach them and they didn’t want to move Mark as they feared of a spinal injury. They wrapped Mark in their jackets as he laid in the snow, they were worried about hypothermia. Rescue officials airlifted Mark to Whistler Health Care Centre, where he was further stabilized and they arranged for a Medevac air ambulance flight to Vancouver General Hospital. Multiple surgeries were performed to stop internal bleeding, repair his broken jaw, and arm.


Mark is back to Social Media and it’s incredible what one week has done for him. He is progressing well as of now, but it will be a long to ride to full recovery and we wish him the best in doing so.

Mark Wrote On Social Media 1 Week After The Accident:

“Apparently a lot can change in a week.. So so thankful to have my life! It was touch and go there for a second and I don’t know how I can thank everyone enough for praying and sending healing vibes…. I hit a tree in the whistler backcountry a week ago and to be honest I was pretty sure I was going to die… @craigmcmorris @torsteinhorgmo @erinhogue @brandonkelly and @ryantiene saved my life by staying calm, building me a nest, and calling search and rescue🙏🏼 I will never take another day on this earth for granted .. 😌 Much Love❤”

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  1. Glad to hear Mark will be ok after some down time. As a tree impact survivor I can relate, get well quickly Mark !

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