Mount Hood Meadows, OR Issued 17,000 Write Ups For People Not Wearing Masks Last Season

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Stay safe to stay open. Credit: Mono County Tourism

As the season winds down towards a conclusion, we’ve all played our part in making sure it has been successful and even happened at all. From day one, most resorts were very clear about their policies; no mask, no lift ride. But not everyone complied.

“We started out just asking everybody to follow our compliance, and most everybody did. But there were some repeat offenders, people that had to constantly be reminded that they have to keep their mask up. They were forgetful, or not buying into it, or didn’t think that they needed to.”

– Dave Tragethon, spokesman Mount Hood Meadows

When some people were not taking it seriously enough, Mount Hood Meadows, OR, had to take more severe action. In January 2021, they introduced a probation program; if you were on the mountain without a mask, you’d get a warning.

Between January and this week, their final week, they wrote up 17,000 people for not wearing masks. 

“People that were either suspended a couple of weeks or we actually pulled their season pass for the season.”

– Dave Tragethon

Mount Hood Meadows will be closed this week, then open for its final two days of the season on Friday and Saturday.

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2 thoughts on “Mount Hood Meadows, OR Issued 17,000 Write Ups For People Not Wearing Masks Last Season

  1. Do the math on this. 17,000 tickets over 3.5 months (~105 days) an average of ~160 per day or ~23 per operating hour.

    So they’re saying they issued one ticket every three minutes!?! That’s ridiculous.

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