Mayor Postpones Opening of Cerro Catedral, Argentina After Locals Poach Uphill and Party Irresponsibly

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cerro catedral, argentina
Cheers! Cerro Catedral will not be opening on July 15th now. Credit: Facebook

Cerro Catedral, in Bariloche, Argentina had a tentative opening day penciled in for July 15th, 2020. But thanks to the behavior of a small few, that date has now been postponed.

As snow pummels the Andes, it would have been an opening day to remember for the locals who would be allowed access. However, a number of people couldn’t wait, and ignoring all warnings to the contrary, took it upon themselves to ski uphill at the resort. Pictures, that have since gone viral, show them “in groups and without masks, sharing drinks and thinking that they are safe and that they do not infect.”

cerro catedral, argentina
Uphill skiers ignoring closed signs. Credit: Facebook

The Mayor of San Carlos de Bariloche, Gustavo Gennuso, has now postponed Cerro Catedral’s July 15th opening day, as he says people cannot be trusted to do what is necessary to avoid spreading the virus.

Going opening activities and trying to avoid infections needs the responsibility of each and also the group. There is no other way. We have to trust that every neighbor takes care and cares for others. Not what we verified yesterday in different sectors of the city.

I’m totally disappointed. I share photos that neighbors who are just as worried and send them to my networks.

People in group and without a chin, sharing drinks, thinking they are safe and don’t infect. Many of them are responsible for future activities on the hill. Not like this!

How will those who are instructors give safe classes, if they show themselves without a chin on the mountain that is still closed?

Clearly these situations put out an alert light and make the opening scheme revise.

Gustavo Gennuso, Facebook

Hopefully, lessons will be learned and it won’t be long now until at least some lifts are turning in South America. It’d be a shame to let all that snow go to waste…

SnowBrains has spent our past 11 summers skiing at Cerro Catedral in Argentina and we are currently not planning on making the journey this season due to coronavirus.

Credit: Facebook
Cerro Catedral, Argentina

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