Meier Skis: Handmade Skis From Colorado Trees

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The Meier Skis Factory in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Photo credit: Facebook

Custom, handmade, and proudly produced in Colorado, Meier Skis have been gaining notable attention across the ski industry for their uniquely, sustainably-built products. Designing and manufacturing hand-crafted, high-performance skis since 2009, their focus is driven not only by the desire to create unique skis but to also utilize sustainable material right outside their doors. While many ski companies are striving to operate in a more eco-friendly manner, Meier Skis is successfully paving the way and setting a notable example.

First, let’s go back to where it all started — that’s right, you guessed it: a garage. While this may be the case for several companies in the industry, there is no denying the appeal of a humble beginning. Set in Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado, a ski junkie with an eye for fine craftmanship decided that instead of continuously searching for his “perfect ski”, he would build it himself. In his modest one-car garage, Matt Cudmore created his first pair of Meier Skis.

By 2011, Cudmore, an auto-cad designer at a civil engineering firm, was producing 20 pairs of skis a season by hand. Upon crossing paths with now partner Ted Eynon, who was conveniently soul searching and drawn to Colorado for the majestic mountains and appealing opportunity for the change he needed. Together, they turned the small, garage-manufactured operations into a small factory in Glenwood Springs.

Meier skis are 100% eco-friendly, handmade, and fully customized. Photo credit: Facebook

In considering the options for the materials and overall design of the skis, Cudmore and Eynon were inspired to use sustainable materials, particularly natural wood. Being in Colorado, the clever entrepreneurs realized the surplus of aspens and beetle kill pines readily available to them and knew that by utilizing such materials, they would be assisting with forest management as well. On the subject of product design, Cudmore said:

“The beetles have just come in and devastated the pine trees in Colorado so we’re trying to recycle a lot of that wood and put it to good use. It’s super cool, you can go to Steamboat, be on top of the mountain, look over a couple of ranges and that’s where the wood for the skis you’re standing on came from.”

Not only would they be creating highly specialized, fun skis, but they would also be providing jobs and helping the local economy. On top of using locally sourced dead trees, Meier Skis also uses a non-petrochemical resin made from pine oil and recycled vegetable oil. Additionally, rather than using highly toxic lacquers and inks for the ski graphics, they use a special ink that is heat-pressed into the top sheet. So, if you are looking for a sustainably built ski that you can customize all on your own, leave the rest to Meier Skis. You will not be disappointed!

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