Police Called to Separate Grown-Ass Men Fighting in Deer Valley Resort, UT Lift Line

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One skier chases another at Deer Valley Resort, UT. Credit: Ikon Pass.

The Park City Police Department responded to a report of a fight in a Deer Valley Resort lift line on Sunday morning, reports the Park Record.

The resort’s ski patrol had managed to separate the two skiers, both in their 50’s, according to Police Department logs. Authorities were told the confrontation started after one of the skiers blocked the other one from getting into the line at the Carpenter Express lift, a key lift that brings skiers from Snow Park Lodge toward Silver Lake Village.

Police Captain Phil Kirk said the two skiers started to argue, which eventually escalated to yelling at each other. They skied down a run and continued their spat at the bottom, Kirk said. The skier who was accused of blocking the person in the lift line took off his skis, an act that led the other skier to tackle him and hold him down, Kirk said. The skier who was being tackled punched the other person as he was being taken down, the captain said.

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He started it! credit: mpora

Ski patrollers contacted the police. Neither of the skiers was injured and neither wanted to press charges, Kirk said. The person who tackled the other skier is 50 and from the Snyderville Basin while the other person is 57 and from San Diego.

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  1. I haven’t seen a lift line fight since I was a kid in the 70s. They were fairly common back then, when lifts were slow and lines were ungodly long.

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