Legendary Diver Merman Mike Retrieves $17k Ring From Sacramento River, CA

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He found the ring! PC: https://people.com/human-interest/diver-scours-river-reunite-man-ring-worth-17k/

Ultimate good samaritan Merman Mike comes to the rescue again! A very sentimental ring was dropped into the Sacramento River from the boat of Bill Fetty on June 23, 2020. The ring was a gift from his late brother and was valued at $17,000. Fetty was crushed when the ring quickly went out of sight sinking beneath the surface… then they called Mike!

You get a clear picture of what Merman Mike is all about from his humble Facebook bio:

“Hey everybody, I’m Mike. I scuba dive in the lakes and rivers, searching for lost treasures and cleaning up the trash along the way. Also, I always try my best to return anything I find to the original owner.”

metal detector in the water, river
Merman Mike is fired up finding goodies! PC: Merman Mike YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGLo_Voyv_aDJ3ZpPQyrfuA

Fetty called Merman Mike in utter disarray. Could Mike come through with another clutch dive to save the day? He showed up and followed Fetty’s directions for exactly where their boat was when he dropped the ring into the murky water. It took Mike a few attempts with his metal detector and various search techniques to scope the depths. He retraced Fetty’s steps again and, ding ding ding!

Check out how psyched Mike is in this video when he finds the ring! 

“I’m like, getting choked up talking about it. Doing this has brought back the good in humanity in me because everyone I talk to is always so grateful and happy,” Mike told reporters. Everyone is psyched when Merman saves the day, and we are too. Three cheers for Merman Mike, the amphibious good samaritan that everyone needs! Also, whenever he dives, he always picks up trash too because you, “…can’t just go for the treasure.”

What a great human.

Boss. PC: Merman Mike YouTube Channel

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