Michael Schumacher “Could Be In A Coma Forever” After Ski Crash

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MIchael Schumacher.  image:  Getty Images AsiaPac
MIchael Schumacher. image: Getty Images AsiaPac

On December 29th, 2013, Michael Schumacher was in a ski crash that ended with him hitting his head on a rock at Meribel ski resort in France.  He suffered a traumatic brain injury and has been in a medically induced coma ever since.  Now, doctors fear that Michael could be in a coma forever.

45-year-old MIchael Schumacher has undergone 2 brain surgeries since the ski accident.  

Michael Schumacher is a 7-time Formula One champion.  The winningest Formula One driver of all time.

“If Schumacher survives, he will not be Schumacher,” “He will be [a regular Joe] Bloggs. His rehabilitation will only be effective if he comes to terms with being Bloggs — and fulfils what Bloggs can do.” – Dr. Richard Greenwood, an acute brain injury specialist from University College London Hospital, told The Times (UK)


“If the injuries are so severe that it would harm the patient, he is kept longer in the medically induced coma. Depending on where bleeding has taken place can lead to unilateral paralysis, speech disorders or personality changes.” – Gereon Fink neurological expert and professor told the Daily Mail

When a coma patient has been in a coma for an extended amount of time, oxygen to the brain becomes a concern.  In a comatose state, less oxygen reaches the brain.  The longer one stays in a coma, the higher the chances of that person receiving significant brain and organ damage.

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