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2013/2014 Winter Recap:


  1. Featured athlete in ski movie “Sugar Mountain” short film that won Best Short Film in the Robot Film Festival
  2. Cover of Adventure Sports Journal Dec/Jan 2013/14 (40,000 unit circulation)
  3. Cover of Tahoe Weekly Magazine Februrary 2014 (22,000 unit circulation)
  4. Two 2-page spreads in Tahoe Quarterly January 2014 (30,000 unit circulation)
  5. One page spread in Australia’s #1 Ski Magazine, Chillfactor June 2014 (72,000 unit circulation)
  6. Mountain Meister Interview Podcast, June 2014. Other interviewees have been KC Dean, Brody Leven, Julian Carr & Doug Stoup.
  7. Many publications on my website SnowBrains received up to 300,000 page views per month this past winter. We’ve already received over 3 million page views at one year of age: SnowBrains 2014 Media Kit


I was the guide and a featured athlete for the movie “Sugar Mountain” by Lightbox Pictures.  This movie was filmed near Valdez, Alaska this past March and April.  We spent 20 days camping, climbing, and skiing on the Shoup Glacier.  Drones, high speed cameras, and long lenses were used in this project and the shots are unreal.

This movie, Sugar Mountain, will be released in Fall 2014 in San Francisco and will have a 20 City North American/Australian Tour.

30 Days in the Chugach Range, AK | Photo Tour


Due to the lack of snow in Tahoe, I spent 9 weeks in Japan this year.  From Japan, I produced 7 videos including this popular highlight video of the best of the best of Japan 2014:

Miles Clark’s 2014 Japan Highlight Video


I spent the month of May climbing, skiing Tioga Pass, and working on my park tricks in Mammoth.  I’ve still got my D-Spin 720º dialed and I’m stoked.  I spent a lot of time on it and I’m fired up to get it on film in 2014/15.

I had one great day in May where I was able to surf, water ski, cliff jump, ski, hot spring, and ice cream.  Not a bad day:

One Day in CA: Surf → Water Ski → Cliff Jump → Ski → Ice Cream → Hot Springs


I’m currently living in Bariloche, Argentina for the summer.  I’m skiing, climbing, making videos, and reporting from Bariloche, Argentina and Las Lenas for 10 weeks.

Bariloche, Argentina Ski Videos & Photos


I’ll be guiding clients in Ushuaia, Argentina and Antarctica with Ice Axe Expeditions this November.  The Antarctica trip will be from Nov. 5th to Nov. 17th 2014.  I’ll be making videos and reporting from Antarctica as well.

Antarctica Peninsula Cruise


  1. Professional Freeskier since 2003.  Well published and received 8th place at most recent comp. in Las Lenas, Argentina.  Member Squaw Valley Freeride Team since 2007.  Experience skiing in Alaska (7 times), Chamonix, Verbier, Italy, Argentina (5 seasons), Japan (3 times), British Columbia (10 times), and Every Western US State.  Strong photos & videos of me on skis:  Miles’ 2013/4 Photos & more & Miles’ 2013/14 Most Popular Videos & more
  2. Mountain Guide & Ski Guide since 2006.  I guide for Rainier Mountaineering Inc.St. Elias Alpine GuidesSGTIce Axe Expeditions, as well as Independently.  I mostly guide in AK & WA.
  3. Degree in Molecular Cell Biology from UC Berkeley, minor in Egyptology.
  4. AIARE Avy Level 1, 2, & 3.  Wilderness First Responder.  Leave No Trace Certifications.
  5. Founder & Editor-in-Chief of
Contact Info:
US cell 530-448-3435
Argentina cell +54 2944 362523


I’ll be skiing, working with photographers and videographers, making ski videos, and reporting in the following locations at the indicated times.

July, August, September:  Bariloche, Argentina

November:  Antarctica

December:  Squaw Valley & Lake Tahoe

January:  Hakuba, Japan

February:  Squaw Valley, Jackson Hole, Utah & Gulmarg, India guiding trip

March:  Squaw Valley, Jackson Hole, Utah, Whistler

April:  Alaska plane drop camping, skiing, climbing trip for 3 weeks

May:  Mammoth Lakes area park and backcountry skiing & Svalsbard (Norway) Guiding Trip

July, August, September:  Bariloche, Argentina

Miles Clark Sponsorship Proposal:

Hello, my name is Miles Clark and I want to represent Your Company as a sponsored athlete and ambassador.  I am a professional freeskier, a ski and mountaineering guide, as well as the founder and editor-in-chief of  This is my proposal for sponsorship.  In the following email you will find my Cover Letter and Personal Overview.  Attached/Linked to this email is my Head Shot, Work and Ski Resumes, 2013/14 Ski Photos, 2013/4 Ski Videos, and Recent Publications.  If you need elaboration on any of the information found here, or just have questions please contact me via email: or phone:  Argentine cell 011 54 9 2944 36252 (I’m in Bariloche, Argentina until October 2, 2013).
The reasons I will be a strong representative for Your Company are as follows.  I am a working writer/editor/& owner of who produces up to 60 ski/snow/mountain related blog posts per week.  I’d be more than happy to contribute photos, videos, and blogs to your websites and social media pages.  I am a gear review specialist.  I have been reviewing and testing gear for many years and it’s a priority for me.  I will bring your brand exposure via published photos, videos, as well as by wearing your brand guiding and skiing everyday, year round.  The environment is very important to me and I stride to be a role model for environmental preservation.  Hard work is something I’m accustomed to.  I am out training, skiing, guiding, exploring, reading, writing, learning, working with photographers, and pushing myself year round.  Finally, I am an intelligent, happy, extremely extroverted human being.  This is why I love to guide people and why I enjoy representing companies on the mountain and beyond.
To view great, recent ski photos from Revelstoke, Japan, Alaska, CA and more please visit:  Miles’ 2013/14 Photo & more.
To view my most recent publications please visit:  Miles 2013/14 Publications.
To view my best ski videos from 2013/14 please visit:  Miles’ 2013/14 Most Popular Videos & more


Below is my Personal Overview broken up into:  Quick Bio, Skiing, Guiding, Gear Review, Future Projects, Film and Photography, Publications, Surfing, and Education
Quick Bio:
I was born and Raised in California.  The Sierra Nevada represented complete freedom to me as a boy.  At age 18, I began mountaineering and skiing.  I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Molecular Cell Biology and a minor in Egyptology and a sense of restlessness.  In place of going directly to medical school I decided to follow my dreams of becoming a professional skier and mountain guide and I’ve never looked back.
In 2010, I became the chief editor at and I grew their traffic from 30,000 pageviews per month to over 1.8 million in my first 16 months working there.  I’ve now started my own website,, we’re over a year old now and doing great.  I’m a social extrovert and it’s for this reason that I love representing companies and guiding.  I love traveling, meeting new people, and helping them appreciate Earth’s wild places.


1.  Pro Freeskier.  I have been a professional freeskier for the past 10 years.  I spend my North American Winters in Lake Tahoe, CA where I am a member of the Squaw Valley Freeride Team and my South American Winters in Bariloche, Argentina.  Please refer to my attached Ski Resume for more information.2.  Backcountry.  I’m an experienced backcountry skier and ski mountaineer.  I have extensively explored the Lake Tahoe and Eastern Sierra regions.  I’ve also spent time in the backcountry of NV, OR, WA, CO, UT, NM, AK, Japan, Argentina, Chile, British Columbia, Chamonix, France, Italy, Switzerland.

3.  Best Lifetime Ski Experiences.  Chamonix, France for 3 weeks in 2010.  4 days of heli skiing in Valdez, AK in 2012.  811” of snow at Squaw Valley, CA in 2010/11.  1 month of non-stop powder in Japan, 2012 and another in 2013 and another in 2014.  Incredibly deep snow all summer in Patagonia, 2010.  Perfect, stable, deep powder skiing the North Shore of Jackson Hole, WY, 2011.  3,000+ foot big mountain lines in Las Leñas, Argentina, 2011.

4.  Freeskiing Competition.  To initiate my skiing career I participated in the World Freeskiing Tour competitions.  I met a lot of great people and doing well at the World Freeskiing Tour at Kirkwood, CA in 2005 opened the doors of the ski industry.  Since then I occasionally compete for fun but much prefer working with photographers & cinematographers.  In August 2009, I received 8th place at the Las Leñas Freeride Contest (my most recent comp).

5.  South America Ski Videos.  I have been based in Argentine Patagonia in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and again this summer in 2014.  I’ve been skiing, creating videos, creating photos, and gaining exposure for my sponsors in Argentina.  Skiing in the summer allows me to continue to advance my ski skills during the summer months and gives me the opportunity to bring exposure to my sponsors year round.  Popular videos of me skiing in Patagonia (each video over 11K views):  Big Mountain Lines in Las LeñasSouth America Highlight Reel 2011.
6.  Alaska Plane-Access Backcountry Skiing.
   – Wrangell – St. Elias National Park, AK.  In June 2006 fellow guide Wally Archer and I were dropped by a ski plane in the Chugach Range of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska on the Goat Creek Glacier.  We spent 7 days there climbing and skiing in an unforgettable alpine amphitheater while completing 3 first ascents and 2 first descents.
  – Garrison Glacker, Haines, AK.  I guiding a film crew comprised of two skiers and a cinematographer on a plane trip to the steep peaks of Haines in 2008.  That trip is detailed below under “Guiding” – ‘AK Film Project.’
  – Ruth Gorge, Denali National Park, AK.  I guided a group of 5 for St. Elias Alpine Guides at the Mountain House in the Don Sheldon Amphitheater in 2010.  This trip is detailed below under “Guiding” – ‘Ruth Gorge, AK.’

– Shoup Glacier, Valdez, AK.  I guided a group of 8 Aussies and was a featured athlete for Lightbox Picture’s movie “Sugar Mountain.”  We camped for 20 nights while climbing and skiing each day.  This movie will be released in Fall 2014.

7.  Ski Team.  U.C. Berkeley Ski Team Member 1999-2001.


1.  Ruth Gorge, AK.  In May 2010 another guide and I guided 5 ski clients in the Ruth Gorge and Don Sheldon Amphitheater in Alaska’s Denali National Park.  This was by far the coolest guiding trip I’ve been on.  We skied 20 runs in our 6 days there and we received 18″ of new snow during our stay.  Unbelievable skiing and surreal views made this trip a career highlight.  Please visit my video blog entitled Ruth Gorge, AK for more details.

2.  Mt. Rainier, WA.  I am a mountaineering guide with Rainier Mountaineering Inc. (RMI).  I guide extensively on Mt. Rainier (14,411ft) (over 40 trips) and have successfully guided clients to the summits of Mt. McKinley, AK (20,320ft) and El Pico de Orizaba (18,702ft) in Mexico with RMI.

3.  Alaskan Mountain Guide.  My guiding career began in Alaska with St. Elias Alpine Guides in 2006 in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.  I guided ice climbing, glacier tours, and fly-in hikes.  With St. Elias Guides I recently experienced my coolest guiding assignment yet:  guiding 5 skiers in Denali National Park’s Ruth Gorge.

4.  Patagonia.  I have been guiding, living, skiing, writing, and creating videos in Argentine Patagonia in 2009, 2010, 2011, & 2013.  In 2010, I guided for South America Snow Sessions for 2 months in Bariloche, Argentina.  Videos of me skiing in Patagonia:

5.  AK Film Project.  In April 2008 I independently guided 2 skiers and a videographer on a ski documentary film project, AK The Hard Way, outside of Haines, Alaska.  Being the guide and the principle skier of the project was a challenge I gladly accepted.  We were dropped off by ski plane on the Garrison Glacier in an unbelievable mountain amphitheater.  During our week long stay we were able to climb and ski 3 previously untouched peaks.

6.  Mexican Volcanos.  I have guided clients to the summit of El Pico de Orizaba (18,701 ft.) in Mexico twice.  Once for Rainier Mountaineering Inc. in 2008 and once independently in 2010.

7.  Independent Guiding.  I have been independently guiding since 2008.  I have independently taken clients on amazing ski & mountaineering trips in Alaska, Patagonia, Mexico, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite.

8.  Sugar Mountain Movie Project, Valdez, AK.  In March and April 2014, I guided 8 Aussies for 20 days on the Shoup Glacier near Valdez, AK.  I was also a featured athlete in the movie that Lightbox Pictures was making.  The movie is titled “Sugar Mountain.”  This movie will be released in Fall 2014.

Gear Reviews:

1.  Experience.  Over the past 10 years I have worked hard to provide quality gear reviews for:  Phenix, Avalanche, Spyder, Carrera, Osprey, Alpina, BCA, Superfeet, Mountain Hardware, Reusch, Level, Disciple, Atomic, AK Skis, Marker, Garmont, Leki, Giro, Six Six One, JanSport, Julbo, Timberland, PanOptx, Helly Hansen, Spot, Fyasko and more.

2.  Testing for Designers.  I have tested gear for Mountain Hardware since 2007 on Mt. Rainier, Mt. McKinley, Patagonia, and El Pico de Orizaba.  I have actively participated in meetings with the designers of Timberland, JanSport and Mountain Hardware and have been on expeditions with the designers of JanSport and Mountain Hardware.

3.  Value.  I take reviewing gear seriously as I know that it is one of the most valuable contributions a sponsored athlete can offer a company.
4. Reviews. will be putting out 1 gear review per week.  I’m happy to review your products and publish the reviews on with links to your site and to the best place to purchase those products.
2014/15 Projects:
1.  Patagonia.  In 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 & 2014 I’ve been based in Bariloche, Argentina.  I am working for my company creating ski videos, photos, and reporting on ski conditions from all over South America.  I’m also skiing everyday, pushing my skiing, and staying sharp.
2.  Japan.  I will be returning to Japan for 6 weeks in 2014/5.  We’ve established strong relationships with 7 ski resorts there that we will be working during our stay.  I’ll be creating interesting ski videos, articles, and photos f snow hitting me in the face while there.
3.  Jackson Hole, Whistler, Utah.  These 3 locales are part of my standard North American tour each year.  I use these destinations to chase powder when Tahoe is dry.  This behavior gives me the opportunity to continue producing good ski videos, article, and photos throughout the winter.  This year I will be focusing my energy at Jackson Hole as I’ve developed a strong relationship with the marketing team there via  We’ll be making videos and reports from there as I plan to spend a month there this winter.
4.  Alaska Heli Plane Trip.  In 2014 I had my 7th ski trip to Alaska.  It was also my 4th plane drop camping trip.  I now realize this is the only way to go.  In 2015, I’ll be returning to Alaska to be plane dropped, camp, climb, film, and ski. (AK photos here Miles’ 2012/13 Photos).
4.  Squaw Valley USA.  I will continue as editor-in-chief & CEO of which is based in Squaw Valley, USA in 2013/14.  I will be working with famed photographer Hank DeVre doing many ‘early ups’ with him to get splendiferous photos & publications at Squaw.
Film and Photography:
1.  Miles Clark Promo Video.  Please have a look at my 3 minute Promo Video.  I’m very proud of this video as I feel it showcases a wide array of the skills that I’m able to bring to the mountain and to your brand.
2.  Internet Videos.  160,237 views on the 47 videos that I “starred” in during the 2011/2012 ski season that were published on and many other websites.  Most popular of those videos:  Miles’ 2012/13 Most Popular Videos & more.  I filmed, edited, and “starred” in all these movies.  In 2013/14 I created many more videos the most popular being my Japan 2014 Highlight Video.  
3.  Legendary Photographer Hank DeVre.  For the past 8 seasons I have been working almost exclusively with photographer Hank DeVre.  We’ve become great friends and I strongly feel that this relationship is the best thing that has happened to me in skiing.  Hank is a Senior Photographer with Powder Magazine.  He is currently submitting all of our shots from the past season for publication in national magazines.  I have also created a working relationship with Grant Gunderson (Powder Magazine photographer).  I feel privileged to have been working with well published photographers such as:  Damian Cromwell, Bill Stevenson, Court Leve, Kevin Klien, Jeff Engerbretsen, Greg Martin, and Keoki Flagg.4.  Adventure Film Works.  Ski documentaries fascinate me and from 2004 – 2007, I dedicated a large portion of my energy towards shooting with Adventure Film Works.  Together we have produced 5 films while shooting all over CA, NV, WA, NM, UT, AK and British Colombia.  The last 3 movies were received very well by the international mountain community and acquired recognition such as:
Hustle & Snow (2006) – Banff Mountain Film Festival (Canada), Edinbourogh Film Festival (Scotland), Wanaka Mountain Film Festival (New Zealand),  Blue Mountain Film Festival, Big Dumps Film Festival, Squaw Valley Film Festival (winner peoples choice award).
Weather We Change (2007) – Wild and Scenic Film Environmental, Festival, Taos Mountain Film Festival, Kendal Mountain Film Festival (England), Mt. Baker Winter Film Festival, Five Point Film Festival, Adventure Film Festival, Powder Magazine Awards Nomination ¨Best Storyline´´.
AK The Hard Way (2008) – Wild and Scenic Film Environmental Festival, Kendal Mountain Film Festival, Rossland Mountain Film Festival (Canada), Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (Canada), Powder Magazine Awards Nomination ¨Best Female Performance¨.
I have been very fortunate to be the principle skier in each of these films.  


1.  2013/14 Highlights.  Cover of Adventure Sports Journal Dec/Jan 2013/14 (40,000 unit circulation). Cover of Tahoe Weekly Magazine in February 2014 (22,000 unit circulation).  Two 2-page spreads in Tahoe Quarterly in January 2014 (30,000 unit circulation).  One page spread in Australia’s #1 Ski Magazine, Chillfactor June 2014 (72,000 unit circulation).  Many publications on my website  SnowBrains received up to 300,000 pageviews per month this past winter.  We’ve already gotten over 3 million pageviews.  SnowBrains 2014 Media Kit.  Mountain Meister Interview Podcast in June 2014; other interviewees have been KC Deane, Brody Leven, Julian Carr, & Doug Stoup.
2.  Over 160,237 views on the 47 ski videos I created during the 2011/12 winter.  Unofficial got 1.8 million pageviews per month in 2011/12.
3.  I recently started my own skiing/snowboarding website called  Our content will always be intelligent, positive, community-oriented, informative, and fun.  SnowBrains received up to 300,000 pageviews per month this past winter.  We’ve already gotten over 3 million pageviews in a little over one year:  SnowBrains 2014 Media Kit.
1.  School.  I graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 2001 with a Bachelor´s degree in Molecular Cell Biology and a minor in Egyptology.
2.  Mountain Certificationss.  American Institute of Avalanche Research and Education Certifications 1, 2, and 3.  Wilderness First Responder Certification.  Leave No Trace Certification.
3.  Language.  I speak Spanish fluently and Portuguese proficiently.


I grew up surfing in Northern California and have spent many years surfing the California and Baja California coastline.  Lately I have developed a nasty taste for warm water.  This new vice has lead me to the shores of Indonesia, Hawaii, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Brazil, and Mainland Mexico.  Four months in Indonesia in the past two years has completely altered my understanding of what surfing can be.
What I’m Interested In With Your Company:

1.  Lets get on the phone and discuss our options.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to review my proposal.  I hope that things are going great for you and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
2014/15 is going to be a big year for me and I’m stoked to take you and your company along for the ride.
Thank you,
Miles Clark

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