Missing French Skier from 1954 Identified

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Henri Le Masne in his 20’s

A skier went missing in the Italian/Swiss Alps over 60 years ago, and his identity and story have just been released. He was identified after his remains and story were shared all over social media last month as French. His glasses, watch, skis, and poles were not found until 2005, 50 years after the original disappearance very high in the Aosta Valley region of Italy.

Skis and Poles that were found with the missing skier’s remains

The man was identified as Henri Le Masne, by a French family who recognized the glasses, and the police confirmed they matched an old photograph where Le Masne had been wearing them. The experts in Turin were correct to conclude that the skier was probably not an Italian, but a well-off Frenchman. Several family members came forward after seeing posts on social media and broadcasts on the radio. A DNA test gave the final confirmation of Le Masne’s identity.

Henri Le Masne worked in the finance ministry in Paris and was very independent, family members say. The cause of death was confirmed to be a storm that came in near the Matterhorn, trapping Le Masne.

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