Missing Plane Southwest of Lake Tahoe

Sergei Poljak | CrashCrash
A small plane taking off in the mountains.    PC: WPaperHD
A small plane taking off in the mountains. PC: WPaperHD

With the conclusion of this weekend’s atmospheric river (Donner pass recorded almost 9″ of rain), the search has resumed for a missing plane in the eastern Sierra Nevada.

The plane, in transit from Idaho to Sacramento, was last recorded on Saturday night in a remote, rugged area southwest of Lake Tahoe. El Dorado County authorities were alerted when the plane failed to arrive as expected in Sacramento. Both ground and air search and rescue crews were dispatched Saturday night, but the search was called off Sunday due to inclement weather. The search was resumed Monday, but no news of progress has emerged. Up to this point, very little information has been provided on the incident, probably due to privacy concerns as the case is still unsolved.

The plane was a Cessna single-pilot aircraft, although further details are unknown. The pilot’s identity nor his or her purpose of travel has been revealed. The weather has been very stormy since Thursday night, which marked the first of a series of storms to affect California.

El Dorado County, in which the plane was last noted southwest of Lake Tahoe.

May our search and rescue teams stay save and solve this case without additional tragedy. 

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