Missing Teenage Girl Found in Grand Teton National Park | She’d Changed Her Appearance & Ran From Officers

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Fauna Jackson
Fauna Jackson

The teenage girl who went missing in Grand Teton Wyoming National Park, WY on Thursdy was found on Saturday at 8am after an extensive 2 day search.  

Fauna Jackson, 16, was spotted at about 8am local time in Grand Teton National Park less than 4 miles from where she was last seen on Thursday.

Fauna had cut and dyed her hair, changed her clothing, and ran when officers approached her.  

She was found uninjured but was briefly hospitalized for a “welfare check’ before she was taken the Teton County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident is under investigation and Fauna is being questioned.

Fauna Jackson. photo: Cincinnati children's choir
Fauna Jackson. photo: Cincinnati children’s choir

National Park Service Media Statement:

August 6th, 2016

MOOSE, WY —At approximately 8 a.m. this morning, Saturday, August 6, Fauna Jackson was located in Grand Teton National Park. She was uninjured and transported to St. John’s Medical Center for a welfare check. Jackson is currently in the care of Teton County Sheriff’s Office.

Teton Interagency Dispatch Center received a report of a possible sighting of Jackson Friday evening. Additional possible sightings of her and follow-up activities by park law enforcement rangers and officers with Teton County Sheriff’s Saturday morning successfully located Jackson. She was found near the Snake River Overlook, approximately 3-4 miles from the point she was last seen. An early morning flight by the Wyoming Civil Air Patrol contributed to finding Jackson.
Jackson changed her appearance by cutting and dying her hair, was wearing different clothes than when last seen, and when approached by law enforcement officials she fled. The details of the incident are under investigation. 
Grand Teton National Park Superintendent David Vela said, “We are relieved and very grateful that Fauna has been found.” Vela commends all the individuals that contributed their time and talent in the great effort to find Jackson and the investigative work of the incident. Vela said, “Our deepest appreciation goes to our partners that assisted, including Teton County Sheriff’s Office, Teton County Search and Rescue, Teton County Emergency Management, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Federal Bureau of Investigation, volunteers, and the amazing park staff.”

Vela also thanks Grand Teton Association and Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation for supplying food and drink for incident personnel. 

Fauna Jackson working with Groundwork Cincinnati (Photo provided by Groundwork Cincinnati)
Fauna Jackson working with Groundwork Cincinnati (Photo provided by Groundwork Cincinnati)


Teton Interagency Dispatch Center received a call at approximately 10 a.m. on Thursday, August 4, regarding a report of a missing person. The missing person, 16-year old female Fauna Jackson, a member of Groundwork USA, was working on a service project in Grand Teton National Park. Jackson is from Cinncinati, Ohio.
Jackson was last seen by her coworkers at approximately 8:45 a.m. near their work location in the park, on the east side of US Highway 89, southwest of Triangle X Ranch. According to statements by her coworkers Jackson did not return from a short bathroom break. 
Rangers immediately did a hasty search of the area, with no evidence of Jackson. Ground search crews, aerial reconnaissance by an interagency helicopter, dog search teams, and vehicle and engine road patrols were initiated. Missing person posters were also distributed throughout the area.

The Wyoming Civil Air Patrol assisted the investigation with aerial patrols. The aerial patrols used forward looking infrared imaging (FLIR) to detect sources emitting heat on the ground.

Fauna Jackson went missing on Thursday.
Fauna Jackson went missing on Thursday.
The Groundwork USA participants were conducting trail work to assist in a trail reroute project. Groundwork USA is a national organization that assists to revitalize neighborhoods and transform communities. Teams are created to address environmental issues, enhance career skills, and share environmental awareness through conservation and restoration work.
This youth crew of approximately 20 members was working in the park for the past week. They have assisted with trail, vegetation and historic structure projects. 
Jackson was last seen wearing a white hat, tan pants and long-sleeve green shirt that says “Find Your Park” and “Groundwork USA.” She may have a purple backpack


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4 thoughts on “Missing Teenage Girl Found in Grand Teton National Park | She’d Changed Her Appearance & Ran From Officers

  1. @craig @Consequences
    That’s a very hasty thing to say, regarding the previous two posts…. You have no idea who this young girl is, or why she was missing to begin with! She clearly is involved in non profit work to better communities, and seemingly cares about the welfare of others. The fact that you lack any compassion for the potential situation of a humanitarian minor, is disconcerting to say the least. Additionally, you lack the common sense to question the potential reasoning to why exactly she had felt a need to flee from law enforcement upon sight. Under any rational or logical situation… when would a person, especially a 16 year old, be afraid of law enforcement?! Not to mention, go to an extreme of altering their appearance? She was scared, and scared of what would happen to her.. usually that is when people run, unless they are playing tag, which was not this case. Maybe start asking what would constitute such a bazar and sudden ordeal. Quite a severe difference, from doing community service work, without worry over being apart from family and being in a separate state, to disappearing, changing your appearance, and running from officers! Self preservation, possibly? I am so relieved to see the heightened IQ levels of the general public, how the masses are unable to to have insight beyond what is fed to them through the media! And, yes, I am being sarcastic! So many input output brains out there, without ability to reasonably deduct or critically think outside of simple indoctrination. Why take the first piece of info offered, and make judgmental allegations against people for no reason aside from your own incompetence? Miss Jackson had posted recently, just prior to her disappearance, that she was very excited to go home to her family and friends. Her own teachers stated how out of character this was for her. Even her family thought how unusual this was, and she hadn’t used her debit card. She was a very kind girl, from all records of indication. And now she’s under the custody of the department that she ran from. Clearly something is going on, there could be a corrupt officer that has not yet been found out. Maybe she saw something no one expected her to see, and she was in fear for her life, or safety. Who knows the contributing factors? Nobody at this point, except Fauna, and whoever she possibly ran into during her disappearance; clearly neither of you know anything but what was written in this singular post, and your opinions barely fit the quality of common stock. Have you noticed how many people have gone missing, or found dead in Grand Teton National Park within a short time frame? I would start looking at demographics, or who was newly hired in places around the area just prior to the beginning of the clear pattern laid out before us to decipher. There are similarities not only in location, but in quantity, behavior, and time. There is a pattern, and if anyone thought to find solutions above yelling criticisms, maybe puzzle pieces could be additionally found and people could be helped… lives saved even upon a larger scale! Miss Jackson had not even been looked for until a full 24 hours later from the time reported! This is a 16 year old girl we are talking about here! Away from home doing work to better the environment! She was in a group who reported her missing after she went, by herself, into the forest to use the bathroom… None of it adds up, according to the law enforcement’s descriptions. Same goes for the other people who were recently found, unfortunately not in nearly enough time. I am not making accusations to any specific direction here, but I am saying that nothing adds up because none of it makes any logical sense. People are sleeping on this, and no one seems to care aside from loved ones of the lost. Until it happens to one of you, God forbid, I doubt I should expect any less cynicism. Regardless, I still say shame on you for casting aspersions upon a young girl who was in flight mode before questioning a bit deeper as to the reasoning behind her actions. Pray for her wellbeing, because I definitely will pray for anyone with such a lack of cognitive awareness, such as yourselves!

  2. Jackson was reported to be “in the care of” the Teton County sheriff’s office, near the park in Wyoming , while her parents travelled from Ohio to be reunited with her. She was not able to describe what Jackson was wearing when she was found, but confirmed reports that, from the point of her disappearance to when she was found, she had cut her hair, dyed it a different color and was wearing different clothes.

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