“Mission Antarctic” Teaser | Xavier de le Rue & Lucas Debari

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Xavier de le Rue and Lucas Debari headed to Antarctica in a sailboat last December.  They experienced unreal wildlife and got in some quality snowboard mountaineering.  Antarctica is clearly a magical place even if you’re not skiing nor riding.

If you or anyone you know have any interesting in cruising to Antarctica next season, Miles Clark is looking for clients for a ski/snowboard trip with Ice Axe Expeditions in November 2014.  Please contact him here:  snowbrains1@gmail.com.  Thanks.

Lucas Debari in Antarctica

Last December, team snowboarders Xavier de le Rue and Lucas Debari set sail from the Falklands, through the Drake Passage and around the Fjords of the Antarctic peninsula in search of the best lines to ride on the continent. – The North Face

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