Momentous Announces a Multi-Year Partnership With the Huberman Lab Podcast and Dr. Andrew Huberman as a Scientific Advisor

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Dr. Andrew Huberman

Momentous — a leader in human performance through supplementation and nutrition — announced last week that Dr. Andrew Huberman, one of the most reputable scientists in the world, will join the company’s Scientific Advisory Board. In addition, Momentous and Dr. Huberman’s #1 Health & Fitness podcast, the Huberman Lab Podcast, are entering into a multi-year partnership together. Through this partnership and his advisory role, Dr. Huberman will leverage his scientific knowledge across multiple disciplines of brain and body health to support Momentous’ growing stature in the human performance industry.

“For context, I use the Momentous’ product product PR Lotion on my legs every day I backcountry ski.  I also use daily their creatine, recovery protein, fish oil, and more.

PR lotion really works. I find that I can go harder, go longer, I get less sore, and I recover faster.

Since I started taking creatine in May 2021, I’ve gained 10 pounds of muscle going from 160lbs to 170lbs and I’ve been able to keep that weight on.

– Miles Clark, SnowBrains CEO

Momentous and Dr. Huberman will collaborate to develop products and protocols designed to optimize mental health, physical health, and performance in all aspects of life.

“Momentous is passionate about creating the best possible supplements, while also helping people understand how to properly use supplementation to achieve the best health effects. I am excited to partner with them to help expand their product portfolio and speed the pipeline from peer-reviewed data to product development, while also helping to remove the guesswork that exists around supplementation. With six Department of Defense innovation contracts and 150+ professional and college teams using their products, Momentous has already proven itself as an industry leader that continuously creates best-in-class human performance supplements.”

– Dr. Huberman

Momentous’ mission is to be at the forefront of human performance. Dr. Huberman joins that mission alongside the Momentous Scientific Advisory Board leaders, including Dr. Kelly Starrett, Jordan Mazur, Brandon McDaniel, Allison Brager, and others. Dr. Huberman and the Advisory Board will innovate new protocols for human optimization with their continued research around neuroscience, gut health, muscle and other tissue physiology, immune system, and overall human health.

“We are beyond excited to partner with Dr. Huberman and the Huberman Lab Podcast. As the leading expert in human optimization, Dr. Huberman is changing the way people go about their daily lives for the better. His deep understanding of human health and physiology, combined with his passion for sharing science and science-based tools, allow him to bring actionable information to the world at tremendous scale. His commitment to share this powerful scientific information will continue to help people improve their sleep, focus, longevity, and more. Our partnership with Dr. Huberman allows us to innovate and lead in ways never seen before. The ability to pair science-backed protocols with clinically validated products is a movement we believe will transform human performance. We’re excited to lead that movement by formulating reputable products with Dr. Huberman.”

– Momentous CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Byers

About Dr. Andrew Huberman and the Huberman Lab Podcast 

A neuroscientist and tenured professor, Dr. Huberman continues to make numerous contributions to the scientific community. Dr. Huberman is a McKnight Foundation and Pew Foundation Fellow and was awarded the Cogan Award in 2017. His most recent studies and clinical trials focus on neural regeneration and visual restoration in diseases that cause blindness. Dr. Huberman is a frequent guest on the world’s most popular podcasts and a contributor to the increase in understanding of cognitive performance. In 2021, Dr. Huberman launched the Huberman Lab podcast with the objective of bringing free information about science to the masses. The show is often ranked #1 in the categories of Science, Education, and Health & Fitness and in the top 25 of all podcasts, irrespective of category.

About Momentous

Momentous is a high-performance supplement and sports nutrition company whose mission is to provide consumers with the highest quality and innovative products possible combined with the knowledge and insights of why and how to use them. They have been awarded six innovation contracts from the Department of Defense to create human optimization products that can benefit our armed forces.  In addition, the Momentous product portfolio is actively purchased by over 150 professional and collegiate sports teams because they are formulated with scientifically backed and the highest quality ingredients, plus have been rigorously tested by independent 3rd parties, including NSF-Certified for Sport. The company is headquartered in Park City, Utah. Learn more at

Momentous is the combination of two companies, Amp Human and Momentous. Amp Human started as a passion project inside of a biotech company which ultimately led to the creation of the flagship patented product PR Lotion. Momentous was born in and has strong roots in professional and elite sports by designing a high-end, best-in-class suite of protein products initially. In 2021, the two companies joined forces when Amp Human acquired Momentous, together they formed what is now seen as Momentous. With a deep product portfolio, innovative solutions on market and in development, and world-class experts Momentous is able to serve the needs of high-performance seekers at all levels with world-class performance and health solutions.

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