VIDEO: Kayaks on Snow | Who Needs Skis? Monarch Mountain’s, CO End of Season Splash

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An end of season ‘splash’ event is now a common occurrence at most resorts. Skiers or boarders in fancy dress complete some sort of obstacle course before attempting to jump onto, and skim across, a pond of ice-cold runoff, all while a baying crowd is hoping for more splash than skim.

Monarch Mountain, CO has a splash event too… but one with a difference. Competitors are in kayaks, not on skis or boards.

The course has turns, is banked and you’re going down with other competitors at the same time. Rules are no canoes, rafts, inflatables or other funky crafts.

Check out the video above for the end-of-season mayhem at Monarch Mountain in during their annual ‘Kayaks on Snow’ event. Looks like fun!

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