Monterosa, Italy Conditions Report: Crazy Happy Powder Day in Big Terrain

Miles Clark | | Conditions ReportConditions Report

[brought to you by Intuition Liners]

Miles in heaven. photo: zeb blais

Yesterday was one of those special days that you don’t ever forget.

Sunshine, 6-8″ of new snow, large terrain, and the Alagna Rat Pack.  

Miles in a sparkle cloud. photo: marco guidi

We rode 4 lifts directly to the top of the mountain, traversed, and dropped into some impressive lines in creamy powder snow.

After descending 6,000-vertical-feet, we were back in town.  

Erik in the wide open.  But watch out for that laser! photo: zeb blais

Coffee, biscotti, then back up.

We skinned up to a chute with a dreamy, powdery gully approach into a hallway of vertical walls with heavily wind pressed snow then another wide open powdery gully back to the lift.

Miles in a dream state. photo: zeb blais
Miles in the first delicious chute of the day. (same chute as above) photo: marco guidi

Back up.

Off the back into some Tahoe-esque terrain with bumps, jumps, cliffs, and chutes.

Zeb nailing the shot in salty pow. photo: snowbrains

Took this run 6,000-vertical-feet back down to town and directly to the Cafe Delle Guide for big sparkling beers and great Rat Pack company.

We met back up with the Rat Pack at 8pm at the bar for more beers and pizza and a talk about what we’re gonna get into tomorrow.

Miles in deep. photo: alex ferro

It just won’t stop here…

Today was another stellar day and a BIG storm is on the way…

Alex is good at snowboarding. photo: marco guidi

Special thanks to Monterosa ski resort, Alagna, the Alagna Rat Pack.

Extra special thanks to Intuition Liners for making this trip a reality.


image:, today


Sick chute… photo: snowbrains
Touring paradise. photo: snowbrains
Apres ski at the Caffe Delle Guide! photo: snowbrains
Miles dropping into the walls. photo: marco guidi
Downtown Alagna. photo: snowbrains
Hakon slash. photo: marco guidi
This place is gorgeous. photo: snowbrains
Slash. photo: snowbrains
Yeah, it looks like that here… photo: snowbrains
Zeb, no hesitation. photo: marco guidi
Everest guide Zeb getting loose! photo: marco guidi
Miles slash. photo: marco guidi
Smile, Dammit! Erik. photo: marco guidi
Hakon don’t need no goggles! photo: marco guidi
Miles coming out of the walled beast. photo: marco guidi
Vistas. image: zeb blais
Miles slash. photo: Alex Ferro
Alex getting loose! photo: snowbrains
Miles headed up. photo: snowbrains
Hakon. photo: snowbrains
Hakon scenic. photo: snowbrains
Miles mini air. photo: snowbrains
Terrain… photo: snowbrains
Miles showing the boys how to get HUGE air! photo: marco guidi
Big mountain, small skier. photo: snowbrains
Walking home. photo: snowbrains
Big wall chute. photo: snowbrains
Big terrain abounds. photo: snowbrains
Zeb laying into it. photo: snowbrains


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