Montreal’s Metro Accessible Urban Ski Slope Closing For Good?

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Montreal, urban ski slope
Pente a Neige overlooking Montreal. Photo Credit: Daily Hive

Pente a Neige is a popular, yet experimental, urban ski slope located just southwest of downtown Montreal in the borough known as Sud-Ouest. Experimental is the keyword, as Global News Canada reports Pente a Neige was just notified by the borough to remove all ski lift equipment from Ignace-Bourget Park where the grassy knoll turned winter ski slope is located.

“The decision was made without even having a discussion.”

– Pente a Neige co-founder Maxellende Pycke Pante

Pente a Neige began offering skiing, sledding, snow play, and more starting in 2017 and is immensely popular. Their claim to fame is being the only urban ski slope in North America that is metro accessible. They attracted over 55,000 visitors to the site last year alone. However, their popularity has led to the biggest complaints. Overcrowding led to parking issues, and local residents complained about the little room left on the hill for free sledding and snow play.

Sledding at Pente a Neige. Photo Credit: Journal Metro

“It was a pilot project. It was understood after three years we would re-evaluate – that’s where we are at.”

– Borough Councillor Alain Valillancourt

The future of the area is still up in the air. Pente a Neige has launched an online petition that has garnered over 3,200 signatures as of Tuesday. The petition aims to have the operating contract reinstated so Pente a Neige can open next winter. The borough has also launched a public consultation on the future of the area that will be open until July 10, 2020.

Hopefully, all parties can come together for the benefit of the local residents and the community.

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