Moose Euthanized After Attacking Woman in Breckenridge, CO

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Moose are territorial as the do not usually travel more than 20 miles away from where they were born. Stock image

A woman in her 50s was hospitalized after she was trampled by a moose in front of her house in Breckenridge, CO. She suffered broken bones in the attack.

The woman saw the bull moose in the road as a car was approaching. As she attempted to move the moose on, she was attacked.

“She was very close to the moose at that time,” Randy Hampton, Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman said. “She was knocked down, trampled, received injuries and taken to the hospital.”

The moose was located by officials and shot dead.

“Anytime we have a situation where an animal shows aggression and injures a person the policy is that animal is put down. When they become aggressive toward people, most of the research shows it is likely to happen again.” Hampton added.

The case is still being investigated.

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One thought on “Moose Euthanized After Attacking Woman in Breckenridge, CO

  1. Why does the wild animal pay the ultimate price when the humans act irresponsibly ? Basic common sense is disappearing in this country and around the world.
    Don’t approach a wild animal . Wild animals need their space and we are shocked when they attack humans.
    Fish and game departments need to come up with a better way of dealing with wild animals that attack humans. Fine the humans and relocate the wild animal, if you speed in your vehicle and get a ticket it’s a pretty good motivator to drive slower, if you act like an idiot around wild animals then why not be held responsible for your own actions ?

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